There are a lot of awesome games you can play online, especially now that the internet speed is better than ever. Don’t worry anymore about what your little one is playing while you aren’t taking care of her. In the following article we will show you the ten best browser games and types of games for your little girl. Most of them don’t require any installation, all you need is to register with a user-name and password, or download a plug-in.

1. Farm games

There are a lot of farm or zoo type games where you can create and manage your own little property. Farmerama is a great game for children, and adults alike because it is very relaxing. The goal is to take care of your own farm, build shelters for animals, feed your livestock, grow crops and trading products. The graphics are really cute, and the game-play is easy to learn.


2. Action games

There are so many action games that we have lost track. The best ones for girls are those which have female lead characters who have to fight in order to protect the world. This may sound cliche  but the adventures never stop. You can either play in a world of fantasy, or a science fiction world of aliens and warriors. It doesn’t really matter what you want, because you can find everything.

3. Dress-up games

Dress up games are without a doubt the most popular games for girls. At for example you will find an impressing collection of dress-up games with princess, celebrities or mermaid themes. Let your little fashion designer mix clothes, assort accessories and create an interesting outfit.


4. Adventure games

Much like action games, adventure games are extremely captivating. The main difference is that, while in action games you have to fight your way through tones of levels in order to accomplish your goal, in adventure games you also have other types of quests in which you can find treasures or artifacts. Pirate games, princess games, fairy games, and whatever crazy idea your heart beckons!


5. Educational games

Although not as popular as the other games, educational games are extremely important. In them your child can learn about science, maths or the world. There is actually an interesting collection of online browser games of this sort. The most popular example is Dora the Explorer, in which you can learn more about ecology, animals, and the environment.


6. Strategy games

Another type of game that is very good for the mind, is a strategy game. It is not as action packed as an adventure or action game, but in it you can create your own world, work to evolve it and overthrow your enemies. Some of them are specially made for girls, which means they do not have monsters and other scary stuff, but rather princesses, dragons or supernatural beings.


7. Nanny games

Your little one might not be very eager to take care of a real life baby, and you will probably not entrust the care of a baby to bigger baby, but there are many online nanny games which will teach your girl about responsibility. In them you can take care of virtual babies, play mommy, change dippers and feed toddlers. It sounds really fun to me.

8. Cooking games

Enhance your cooking skills with the help of virtual games! Make pies, soups and tasty dishes without having to mess up the kitchen. These games have great graphics, and they also offer details about recipes. Your child will become a pro in the kitchen in no time!


9. Princess games

Princess games are very popular among girls who love to play with barbies. Whether it’s saving the princess, dressing the princess, or completing quests with your own princess, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to have a princess.


10. Make-up games

It’s obvious that your 10 year old daughter is not allowed near your make-up kit, but this doesn’t mean she can’t have fun. There are many make-up games. For example, you can create your own make-ups starting from the eyebrows and ending with the lips, you can also learn about celebrity inspired make-ups, and you can even take your virtual dog to the saloon, and give him a complete make-over.


These are only some of the game ideas for girls that we’ve come up with, but there is certainly something to learn from each one. Make sure, however, that your kid doesn’t spend too much time in front of the computer because it can become addictive.