A family portrait is one of the best ways to show the happiness and beauty that exist in your household. If you ask people what is the one thing they would save from a fire if they could, most will answer: the photographs – simply irreplaceable. Our top 10 great family portrait ideas will give you a clue as how to choose a pose and location that will best suit your family. Be relaxed about the photo shoot and don’t try to pose.

1.       You Can’t Go Wrong With the Beach


Choose a warm day and put on some casual clothing and take the kids to the beach. Don’t start snapping pictures the moment you arrive, spend at least half an hour just having fun. This will transpose in the photographs. When you feel the timing is good, don’t begin posing, just act natural. Let the kids run on the beach and just enjoy each other’s presence.

2.       Nature Is the Best Companion


Get outside wherever there is a small patch of grass. Kiss your child and your spouse, be happy and thankful for what you have and tell the photographer to take out their camera. Hide behind a tree, play with ants or just look up at the sky. Be as casual as possible. The worst photos come out when people aren’t relaxed.

3.       Your Home – the Safest Environment


Pick your favorite spot in the house, either the couch, the master bedroom or the front lawn – the posing will come more natural in your own home. Some more family portrait ideas in the comfort of your own home: bake a pie as a family. Imagine how cute the kids will be all covered in flour. Don’t photograph the bathroom, or even worse, have a family portrait in the bathtub, nobody wants to see naked in there.

4.       A Sunflower Field – Summer Perfection


If you’re lucky enough to have a sunflower field in the vicinity of your home, then you are guaranteed to produce great pictures. Let your hair down and run in the field, play hide and seek or smell the flowers – let the camera capture those moments of joy. You will feel warm inside every time you look at the photos of the day you had fun in the sunflower field.

5.       Lakes and Boats Make for a Great Family Portrait Idea


Have a lake nearby? Great! Use that as the location for your family portrait. The water will reflect on your skin making it look radiant and healthier. How about this as a family portrait idea? Take a picture only of the reflection in the water. A smiling face reflected in a lake is a wonderful thing to see and cherish.

6.       The Busy City


You love the city and can’t think of moving somewhere else? You and your family live for the big city and you want this to show in your family portrait, then choose your favorite street and begin the photo shoot. Sit in front a brick wall and have the passersby show up in your photos. It’s original and modern and most of all, it’s you!

7.       Hiking up the mountain


If you are active people that can’t sit still for a moment then let your family portrait capture this. Dress accordingly, take the photographer and start climbing. Just one advice, though: take photos before you start sweating and going all red in the face. You want to look as if you’re enjoying it and not dreading every second of it.

8.       A Professional Studio


If you want to be in complete control of the lighting and mood, then choose a professional studio to take the photographs. There will be no surprises there! You can find the best pose and the best lighting to emphasize your beautiful family. The photographer will feel more relaxed and this can help the photos come out better.

9.       Pets – They, Too, Are Family



If you have any pets, be sure to include them in the family portrait. They are part of the family and will most likely feel excluded if you don’t. Just kidding, but still, a pet only adds to the beauty and complexity of a family. Think about how nice it will be to have such a permanent memory of them.

10.   What NOT to Do


We’ve all seen the horrid matching sweater photographs that get sent out at Christmas. Or peculiar and inappropriate ones that make you wonder, is that a family or did I just land at the loony bin? Once again, nudity has no place in a family portrait. Funny hats are for you and the kids to mess around with – you wouldn’t want to look at the reindeer ears for the rest of your life, even though they’re pretty funny.