In the era of digital cameras and smartphones with lots of megapixels to their built-in cameras, fine art landscape photography is hard to come by. Anyone can snap a tourist pic of the seaside, the ocean or the mountains, but not everyone knows all the secrets needed to transform such a picture into a work of art. The images featured here are definitely not tourist pics, nor are their authors amateurs. These pictures are actual art, created by actual artists.

1. Xavi Fuentes

The first name on our list of fine art landscape photography authors is Xavi Fuentes. He is fascinated by the sea and employs slow shutter speeds. Thus, the water and its waves are minimized to a smooth blur, dotted here and there, punctuated, as it were, by the solidity of rocks and other stable elements. He loves to shoot at dawn and dusk, when there’s barely any light. This way, the landscape becomes a mass of blurred elements, strong shapes and dramatic skies.

2. Mike Putnam

Mike Putnam is the name behind this superb example of fine art landscape photography, titled Sunrise on Central Oregon’s Broken Top Mountain. This particular picture, with lots of wildflowers in the foreground, depicts Central Oregon’s Broken Top Mountain at sunrise. There are so many kinds of flowers in the foreground, such as Monkeyflowers, Queen Anne’s Lace, Indian Paintbrush, Senecio, and alpine asters.

3. Chris

This illustration of the art of fine art landscape photography comes from Chris, a UK-based landscape photographer hailing from North Yorkshire, England. He loves to photograph the places where he grew up, such as North Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Dales, Scotland, the Lake District, but he doesn’t shy away from other locations in the UK and all over the world either.

4. Manohar Joshi

This photo was taken by Manohar Joshi, a professional photographer, cinematographer and videographer. His work isn’t strictly limited to landscapes, as he is also available for a wide variety of other forms of photography, such as fashion shoots, concept based shoots or food photography. He’s been in the business for some six years and is also experienced in the realization of short films and corporate films.

5. Archibald Photography

Archibald Photography is a studio based in Scotland, which specializes in wedding photography. As a matter of fact, this example of fine art landscape photography was taken with the occasion of a wedding at Eilean Donan Castle. In the words of the photographers themselves, “we knew it was breathtaking but had just forgotten how amazing it is.”

6. Steen Doessing

Steen Doessing creates abstract works of art with titles such as “Intertidal” and “Stag Rock Study 4 (Black Water)”. These two titles, along with others, were exhibited in the “Art in Nature” Exhibition at The Center For Fine Art Photography. The exhibition was curated by Kathy Moran, the Senior Editor for National Geographic Magazine.

7. Dewi Hyde

Dewi Hyde is a fine art photographer hailing from Esperance, in the south-east of Western Australia. He closely collaborates with Larry Youngson and they shared a successful joint exhibition. In his art, he uses traditional photographic tools, materials and processes, such as handmade black and white silver gelatin prints. His ultimate aim is to produce works unique to the medium, such as in this photo, in which the palette, texture and archival stability of, reflect the luminosity which enables and inspires their creation.

8. Adriaan Van’t Riet

Adriaan Van’t Riet has created this panoramic print, titled Approaching Winter Storm, Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park. According to the photographer, the images “reflect a sense of space and depth only possible with the extreme format of the 3:1 aspect ratio produced by a large format panoramic camera. All these fine art panoramic prints show images that are beyond the ability of the human eye to visualize.” This particular image is particularly impressive for its extraordinary detail and vibrant colors.

9. Marc Adamus

The work, titled Alien World, was created by Adamus, a Corvalis, OR-based landscape photographer. Marc professes to having “a keen eye for the many moods of Nature and a life-long passion for the wilderness.” He is a world-renowned photographer, who has traveled and been published extensively, in such publications as National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and many more. He has also produced books and calendars and is generally regarded as one of the most gifted landscape photography artists of his generation.

10. Jansen Gunderson

Jansen Gunderson is one of America’s top fine art landscape photographers. His photographs bring a unique perspective to a realm of otherwise ordinary and commonplace subject matter. Choosing the backcountry rather than along the guard rail for his locations, Jansen achieves a sense of intimacy with the landscape and presents to the viewer photographs which impart the effort used to create them. Jansen captures his images on film with a 4×5 inch view camera and are printed with the highest quality technologically possible today. His prints exhibit a brilliant luminance and exquisite sharpness that appear to glow from within.