10 Historical Events That Happened Today

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Sometimes historical events are highly celebrated in different occasions, as mankind remembers and commemorates great acts of heroism, special people that changed humanity as we know it, or moments in time that became the very definition of our future. It’s June and summer gets ready to establish its reign, while we’re expecting the summer holidays to come knocking at our doors. But while we’re checking and crossing the calendar, counting the days left until we can embark on our vacation, let’s see if this particular 3rd of June was important in any way for the world’s history.

1. 1098

Antioch Turkey is seized during the first Crusade, after the Crusaders held their grounds in a 5 months long siege. With this victory, the Crusades began to shape the future of religion.

historical events

2. 1856

The screw machine is being patented by Cullen Whipple. Didi this help mankind? Maybe not like the invention of the light bulb, but  nobody can say the screw machine didn’t have its contribution to the technological development.

historical events

3. 1875

We’re chatting now with people all over the world via the Internet. Instant messaging doesn’t even seem to be such a miracle, but imagine the worlds’ awe, amazement and delight when Mr. Alexander Graham Bell made his 1st voice transmission.

historical events

4. 1918

Another big leap for humankind on this June summer day: Supreme Court rules child labor laws as being unconstitutional.

historical events

5. 1922

Franz Kafka dies, the German language Czech writer born in 1883 leaving the literary world with masterpieces that stood the test of time and which became fundamental for the entire world’s cultural development.

historical events

6. 1940

Germans win the Dunkirk conflict. Can we imagine how the world would have been today if it happened the other way around?

historical events

7. 1946

What can French people do in times of war and sorrow? Fashion, of course! The first bathing suit bikini display took place in Paris the 3rd of June. And beach fashion was never the same again…

historical events

8. 1962

Lee Harvey Oswald arrives by train in Oldenzaal Neth. This man changed history in more ways than we can imagine.

historical events

9. 1991

Mount Unzen volcano erupts in South Japan, killing over 40 people, most of them being researchers and journalists.

historical events

10. 2006

Montenegro declares independence, becoming officially separated by Serbia.

historical events

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