Leipig Dome in New Zealand

When it comes to a top 10 high-class wedding places to hold your 5-star event, there is probably a place somewhere on the globe to meet up with every bride’s marriage desire. The ones we have selected here are based on variety of choices, every one providing an exclusive viewpoint on the traditional wedding. Do not forget that every moment spent during these days will last forever, so make sure that your wedding ceremony will be unforgetable, bot for you as a newlywed couple, but also for your close ones invited there.

In planning to give yourself a significant present as a couple enjoying their wedding party, you need to have a strategy and use some of your innovative juice. Prepare and work out the strategy taking into account key elements in the lives of the celebrants over the last months. Determine a budget enough to not make your wallet bleed, so you can manage and calculate the expenses, list down all possible top locations in your preferred order of main concerns based on how the many guests will respond to your suggestion. Imagine what their opinion will be for people invited. Will they appreciate and remember it for a very long time down the years?

10. Shamwari Game Reserve in Southeast Africa

Shamwari Game Reserve i

Experience a true African wedding party in a housing made from reeds and known as boma. Have a sport drive and discuss with the reverend who will service the wedding right at the top of the hills with nothing around you but the attractions and sounds of an African panorama. The pair and their guests remain at Longlee Way on the Shamwari Reserve in South Africa. Of course, of all these top 10 high-class wedding locations to hold a great wedding, this place comes out on the list for being totally exclusive.

9. Ice Hotel in Quebec

Ice Hotel in Quebec

The Ice Resort in Quebec, Canada, puts a completely new significance on the term white wedding! This location is only open every year from Jan to Apr, making the place a particularly exclusive venue and fully suitable to be listed as one of the best wedding places to host such a special occasion – if you like cold and ice, then this is it! As the name indicates, the wedding location is totally made from ice.

This can be a luxury wedding venue, but it is far from a costly choice. Of course, there will be the price of housing your guests, plus the price of a wedding party or the expenses of flight tickets.

8. Leipig Dome in New Zealand

Leipig Dome in New Zealand

We cannot quite arrange for your wedding to be held on top of Mt. Cook, however you can experience the next best thing! On the Southeast Alps of New Zealand is the place where you will discover the Leipig Dome, a true snowfield of unique elegance. You and up to six guests are transferred to this south winter land by helicopter where you will be married at the highest point of the southern world. Your wedding program has the price of the heli flight and the register to get married legally. A part of the cost is the wedding party at the Hermitage Hotel: here is included a beauty spa, massage and manicures, as well as morning meals and dinners.

7. Plantation Beach in Tobago

Plantation Beach in Tobago

The next position in the top 10 luxury wedding places to have a 5 star celebration is the opposite if it, presenting blue clear waters warmed by the sunrays, soft sand under your feet and exotic trees offering a little shade over your head. This is a wedding program organized at Stonehaven Bay. Your package for this special day does not include housing in the Plantation Beach Villas, with three bedrooms finish and three bathrooms. The extra expenses incorporate the wedding accessories, bridal bouquet, wedding cake, pictures and sparkling liquor, all for an affordable price.

6. The Great Wall in China

great wall china

The tourism agency can offer wedding packages near the Shiguan area at the Great Wall in China, on the roof of the Commune, with your wedding reception at Club House, a large venue which has space to host up to 500 guests. Nevertheless, you can have a smaller ceremony in one of the several villas from the Commune. Besides the price of traveling to China and then a trip from Beijing to Shiguan, the housing, with daily meals, represents well invested money for the pair and its guests.

5. Intercontinental in Hong Kong

Intercontinental in Hong Kong

If you have around $25,000, put away some of them to pay for a great place to host your dream wedding. What better place to get married than the Presidential Suite at the Intercontinental Hotel with its unique opinions panorama of Victoria Harbor? The sum is just for hiring the services for your wedding location, but accommodation brings additional costs.

You will also be billed the extra 10% on top of it! If you can afford the Presidential Package, you will appreciate why, in the incredible elegance of your environment, this wedding place has been mentioned as being one of the most magnificent in China.

4. Four Seasons in New York

Four Seasons in New York

Enjoy a luxury suite looking over Central Park area if you want to exchange your wedding vows in Manhattan’s highest hotel, Four Seasons, situated on East 57th St., New York. Your wedding will be held in the Urban Suite and after than you can enjoy some drinks, although the choice of a full wedding party is available as an optional ceremony.

Your wedding program will consist of a free container of Veuve Clicquot, plus some wonderful snacks and chocolate-covered strawberries: so tasty! Flights and exchanges from different cities will have their own custom prices depending on the individual or for two people staying in a luxurious double room for seven days. All wedding offers are subject to tax, so keep in mind this when you reserve a room or a ceremony at Four Seasons

3. Castle Rushen in Isle of Man

Castle Rushen in Isle of Man

Enjoy this charming place with its amazing limestone walls and very luxurious landscapes that make it the ideal location for a very special day in your life as a couple. For exclusive use of the place, you can expect to pay around $900. At Castle Rushen, there is enough room for around 150 guests to be present at your wedding party and celebrate the event with you in fine style. This unique 13th century castle’s view will make it the perfect position to have some really charming pictures taken, with its wonderful landscape and well-kept green areas.

The Isle of Man can be found on the north-west shore of the British landing, in the Irish Sea, and it stretches over 220 square miles for its visitors to discover the wonders around here. You can book a flight to the Isle of Man from several English airports or you can drive your car from the cities of Liverpool and Heysham: the catamaran will take almost 3 hours to take the trip, while the traditional car boat from Gatwick will take around 5 hours.

2. Mata do Bucao at Bussaco National Park in Portugal

Mata do Bucao at Bussaco National Park in Portugal

The history linked to Mata do Bucao in Portugal makes it a particularly fascinating place on the top 10 high-class wedding locations to hold your 5 star ceremony. It is hard to discover the most appropriate terms to effectively explain this perfect example of Colonial architecture: words simply cannot do it justice! The decorations are genuine and balanced between being luxurious and magnificent, as well as representing a story atmosphere combined with its medieval past. Perhaps this will begin to explain to you some of the secrets that encompass the most attractive and most mysterious of all marriage locations?

As inexplicably charming and dubiously heavenly this incredible place might be, but there is nothing heavenly about the fabulous gastronomy of the wonderful delicacies enjoyed by visitors who are here to have fun with at João Vaz, the Mata do Bucao’s cafe. The gastronomic snacks in store for the guests of this wonderful restaurant consist of a variety of carefully prepared recipes from the Portuguese areas to traditional France gastronomy. Have you been told enough to consider such an exclusivist location as the venue for a wedding celebration?

1. La Preghiera at Umbria in Italy

La Preghiera at Umbria in Italy

For the final look at our top 10 high-class wedding places, we have added the magnificent countryside that stretches along the idyllic mountains of Umbria. There you can exchange your wedding vows at the on-site private church that was initially a Roman temple and set it up for your formal pictures to be taken in the lavish landscapes around this magnificently appointed house. Every one of its rooms is beautifully designed and individually decorated, providing more than sufficient housing for up to 25 guests.

To have the services of this fairy tale setting in the loving Umbria it will can cost you £up to $11,000USD. This offers you and your ceremony for the wedding the absolutely exclusive use of the La Preghiera location for a long end of the week, for example 2 nights for the whole party of the pair plus up to 25 guests.

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