10 Mind-blowing 3D Street Paintings by Edgar Mueller

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Edgar Mueller was born in Mulheim/Ruhr on 10 July 1968. He has been street painter since he was only 16, and his fascination with the world of visual arts all started in his childhood, when he used to make rural paintings of Straelen. Although he started with chalk and pastels, his paintings gradually became bigger and bigger, and they started to take more time. Because he didn’t want to waste his efforts or loose his works in case of rain, he started using paint. His main desire is for people to communicate with his paintings, and interact with the pavement. The social aspect is very important for his work.

Edgar studied in the Geldern High School, a town which can be found close to Mulheim, where an international street art contest took place. The young artist felt very inspired with the amazing works he saw there, so he decided to participate. This was the first of many competitions he took part in. In 1998 he was crowned „Master Street Painter”. This title is awarded at the largest street art festival in the world, the Grazie Festival, in Grazie Italy.


It was when he turned 25 that he realized that street art is his biggest passion, so he decided to dedicate all of his time to it. His work can be seen all over the world because he traveled a lot in order to create his masterpieces. He also gave lessons and workshops to young aspiring artists.

The most interesting thing about his work, is that he presents the spectacular works of old masters, by creating impeccable copies, right at our feet. He has a strong belief about art and street paintings, and he has, in numerous occasions, invited people to study the old masters more.


Although his education was quite extensive, Edgar Mueller has always been an autodidact, and he never ceases to amaze his fans. He might have inspired himself from the works of Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner, but in time he has managed to create his own, unique style.


Guinness World Records is keeping a close eye on this extremely talented artist. They say that they are very happy to be able to so closely involved with a person like Edgar Mueller. He is considered one of the most talented, if not the most talented 3d street artist at the moment, and people all over the world are blown away by his eye-popping landscapes. He has managed to take pavement street drawing to a whole new level.


Here is the making of a street painting:

Street painting by Edgar Mueller

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