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There’s this thing connected to working out that has been going around for some time and it is beginning to catch our attention. The thing I’m referring to are the 30 day fitness challenges that everybody seems to be doing. It’s one of the most effective workout programs – you get visible results in one month – and you can do them at home, at the gym and even outdoors. The catch is that you’ll have to work hard and do them all the way – try not to skip days or quit. We’re going to present 10 30 day fitness challenges that you might consider accepting so that you will improve your stamina and build some much needed muscle.

10. 30 Day Nutrition Challenge


OK, we know we said this was going to be a list of fitness challenges, but no fitness routine can work if you don’t feed your body the right foods so that it can be strong to execute the challenge. Make sure you get plenty of protein from lean meats such as poultry and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

9. 30 Day Burpee Challenges


A burpee will help get you fit and tone your legs, abdominal muscles – pretty much all your core muscles. Start off with 5 burpees and then progress slowly to more. Make sure you execute the burpees correctly, because otherwise you will injure yourself and compromise your health and you burpee challenge.

8. 30 Day Butt Challenge


Who doesn’t want a nice, firm butt that will look great in jeans and awesome at the beach? But there’s more to having strong glutes than looking good in a bathing suit – they support your back, so that you put less pressure on your back and more on your behind. This challenge has three different exercises you need to do daily, but we guarantee that by day 30 there will be a visible result.

7. 30 Day Plank Challenge

plank challenge

Yes, the plank is no walk in the park. Go on, try keeping a plank for 20 seconds and see how difficult that is. Don’t give up and in thirty days your midriff will be toned and strong. We urge you to check and see if you’re doing the plank correctly. You really want to make the best of your efforts.

6. 30 Day Thigh Challenge


Thighs need toning. That sentence is one of the truest and most timeless sentences ever uttered. Focus and your hard work will be rewarded when you see how awesome your thighs look and how powerful they are.

5. 30 Day Little Black Dress Challenge


This Little Black Dress Challenge consists of 9 exercises: planks, press ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, burpees, squats, lunges, bridges and tricep dips. One month of these and you will look better and feel like a million bucks!

4. The 30 Day Wall Sit Workout Challenge


A wall sit will help you tone up, strengthen your core muscles and lengthen your legs. OK, the actual size of your leg will not change, but it will make your legs appear longer, leaner. If you combine this is our number one, the 30 day squat challenge, then you’re golden! It will get harder as the month progresses, so try to stick with it.

3. 30 Day Arms Challenge


As 30 day fitness challenges go, this one is probably the most useful. People have lost the strength they used to have when it was required of us to hunt, gather and carry heavy things. Now we sit at our desk, tickling the keyboard. This challenge will help you get back some of that ancient strength in your arms!

2. 30 Day Abs Challenge


So many people have back problems nowadays; did you know that one of the reasons for that is that their ab muscles are too weak and can’t properly hold up the spine. This challenge will have you perform 4 different exercises each day, so prepare for some sore muscles. It only takes around 5 minutes each day, go on, try it!

1. 30 Day Squat Challenge


The squat challenge will give you a firm and perky butt and strong legs. It’s a complete lower body exercise that will transform your behind from one day to another. Just do a Google search and see the results of those who have tried it.

What do you think of these 30 day fitness challenges? Have you given any a try? Do you plan to? If you’re not quite convinced, you can do a Google search on some before and after photos, may they’ll motivate you! It worked for us! Let us know what you think in the comment section below.