I’m sick and tired of lists called “10 most beautiful eyes in the world” featuring stars only. How come THEY have the most beautiful eyes in the world?!  Common people have great eyes also! No money, fame, and connections can equalize an astounding gaze. Such a sight can inspire artists and songwriters to compose some of their best works. Amedeo Modigliani is one notorious Italian painter who understood such a mystical object. He couldn’t paint the eyes of his models without knowing their soul. It is time for ordinary people to stand out and show what they got!

1. Sweet Boy

male kid

I have no idea who he is, where he is from and such. Most probably you don’t recognize this mysterious child either. Nonetheless, his picture really stands out and deserves our attention.  Notice the amazing contrast between his nice dark skin and the colorful eyes! No words can describe the innocent vibe that surely engulfs all viewers.

2. Afghan Girl

 afghan girl

I know that you are used to seeing a certain face when reading this title, but let me tell you a secret: there are so many Afghans with amazingly beautiful eyes, that it is hard to choose from. This school girl is not only the owner of a great pair of almond-shaped eyes, but she is also very cute.

3.  The Male Version of the Afghan Girl?

afghan man

This man’s eyes are very special. They are bright, interesting, and with that sort of authenticity that made the Afghan girl a worldwide sensation. I have no idea if the photographer had that particular image in mind when taking this shot, but beautiful eyes are beautiful eyes, right?

4. Stunning Blue Eyes


Look at these stunning eyes! I felt like he took away my breath the first moment I looked at this picture! Have you ever seen a more intense gaze?! It looks almost unnatural! This surreal gaze coupled with the innocence of childhood is more than enough to round up a visual spectacle.

5. A Woman with Golden Eyes


I heard of golden eyes before, but this is the first time I see such a pair. This gorgeous woman left me jaw dropping. Golden eyes are really interesting and special. Do you know any owner of golden eyes? No makeup can highlight this honey-like color even more than this.

6.  Innocent Eyes


This Tongan girl has huge, deep eyes that seem to trap you in. They are like a calm ocean of black silk that tells you a compelling story. Her eyes speak for themselvem. Moreover, this little girl has already accomplished something amazing in her life. She is the living proof that a black gaze can be more profound than any other colors, as long as you keep your inner world in a beautiful state.

7. Icy Manyoung man


This young man has, as you can see, a very interesting pair of eyes and he is, most likely, a heart breaker.  Eyes like his may appear on the cover of any magazine. No need to be a celebrity for that! Nonetheless, if you look deep inside them, you can find no trace of vanity. Instead, you might be in danger to get lost in a utopian world forever!

8. The Pure Eyes


Have you ever seen such purity? Her enormous, natural eyes seem deep, clear lakes. I honestly stared at this picture for some minutes, because I was totally captivated. Need I say more? Even though she is in her young adulthood, it is obvious from her looks that she is as curious and innocent as she was as a small girl.

9. Miguel

teenage boy

Miguel is a good looking teen with very beautiful, green eyes. While I absolutely have no clue who he is, I do know that he deserves to be not only on this list but on any of this kind. I’m really impressed! We all know how difficult adolescence can be. They are students at school, learning new lessons with each passing day. However, at the same time, they are creatures in a dangerous quest of searching for their own identity. Nonetheless, Miguel seems to be on a good path of finding a meaning for himself for the rest of his life.

10.  Green Hazel Eyes


The last one was my most difficult choice. Because there were so many others! I picked this particular one because this woman’s eyes remind me of my daughter’s.  Their indefinite color drives me and all our relatives crazy! So what do you think is the color of this woman’s eyes? I took a wild guess and endowed her with a discreet hue of hazel. Even though I might be wrong, the result is still a one in a million combination of sparkly colors. These eyes seem to belong in a poem.

I honestly had a hard time selecting these 10 portraits. The world is filled with beautiful eyes, and even though I knew it, I was still not ready for so many extraordinary gazes!

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