Destiny is something many people believe in, are you one of them? Or do believe in strange coincidences? If you believe in destiny, then you believe that the future is already written and that, in principle at least, there can be a way to find out things about it. One of the most popular methods of doing so is the Tarot. There are 78 Tarot cards split up in the Major and Minor Arcana. This list comprises the most fascinating Tarot cards from the Major Arcana so read on and find out about the most important cards that have the power to predict your future.

10. The Fool


The Fool is that part of us that has no reason, the intuition, something always in search of experience. The sun in the background represents the purity of the Fool’s wisdom. The dog that accompanies him, is not static, it represents the world that keeps distracting the Fool, his animal desires that will not let him be. He is sitting on a ledge, his head up to the sky, oblivious to what is about to happen. He is pure but in desperate need of experience.

9. The Lovers


Obviously, the Lovers card represents relationships of love and/or friendship. If you encounter it in a spread it might have clues about an existing relationship, a future love interest or a temptation. This card represents the impulse that drives people into adulthood, out of the Garden of Eden, the end of innocence – it may be a sexual impulse or merely curiosity. The Lovers are also a reminder that we are not solitary beings, that we need others to be complete, be it friends or lovers.

8. Death


This card may be a bit scary, but it is highly unlikely that it may represent an actual death. Instead, it may signify ending of a cycle, loss, sadness, transition into a new state, regeneration, ending of patters and change. There are so many symbols on this card, that it could take pages to figure them all out, but one of the most important is the King being trampled by Death, meaning that it takes us all equally.

7. The Hanged Man


Another fascinating Tarot card from the Major Arcana is the Hanged Man, also the most obscure card in the Tarot deck. It symbolizes the paradoxes that are present in our lives. Some keywords that help understand this card better are: sacrifice, letting go, passivity, suspension, acceptance, patience, contemplation, conformism, giving up. We control things by letting them go and we win by surrendering.

6. The Sun


The Sun is associated with the knowledge that one has attained in their life. It represents optimism, energy, enthusiasm, joy, happiness and innocence; the conscious mind prevailing over fear and feelings of doubt. Some say this card is the best card in Tarot and represents positive outcomes of current struggles, it generally means that things are going into the right direction.

5. The Moon


The Moon represents the world of night and shadows, but this doesn’t have to frighten you. The Moon guides you to the unknown, it promises things that you do not know of. But sadly, in readings the cards represents people’s anxieties and fears, that one has lost their way. Looking at all the symbols on the card, we understand that the light of the moon merely illuminates our animal nature, our crawl from the primordial soup. A few keywords: confusion, fear and anxiety.

4. The Empress


The Empress is the feminine figure in one’s life. It represents the mother, fertility, sexuality, desire, beauty, health and satisfaction. She is a creator of life, art or romance. It can represent an idea that is budding or a even future baby. The Empress is also associated with the goddess Venus of love and also Demeter, the goddess of abundance. While being extremely giving, she can also be possessive, overbearing and overprotective.

3. The Emperor


This card symbolizes the desire to rule, while many readings are possible with this card, one is a constant, the Emperor is a masculine figure and many will relate to it as they would their own father. This card will also tell you that you need to allow some things that you have no power over, to remain as they are, to accept them as being out of your control. Some keywords that will help you to better understand this card are: father, power, discipline, tradition, rigidity, experience and inflexibility.

2. The Devil


You shouldn’t fear The Devil card, it is not an evil power that is coming to get you, it simply represents the materialism, the ignorance that a person surrounds themselves with. It represents something that people use to stop themselves from growing and evolving. So if, for example, the Devil card is your central card at a reading, then something in your life is keeping you chained and stopping you from developing. It can also refer to the boundaries that you are imposing on yourself. In the case this card represents a person, then that person is a powerful person with money with an aggressive and controlling behavior.

1. The World


This card is by far the most complex Tarot card there is. It symbolizes an ending to a life cycle, a pause before another one. It is complete, it represents accomplishment and success and sometimes it can be understood as cosmic consciousness. The dancing woman in the center of the card is viewed as the fifth element. In essence The World represents the thing that is truly wanted by the person whose future is being read.


What do you think about these fascinating Tarot cards from the Major Arcana? Do you think you have what it takes to predict the future using Tarot cards? If you do, then buy a pack of Rider-Waite Tarot cards (the most popular Tarot deck) and good luck figuring them out!