Cats make wonderful, self-reliant pets, but they’ve got a playful streak and it’s often difficult to find quality cat toys. If you’re out of ideas, or if kitty doesn’t seem to like anything you’ve bought her until now, check out these ten awesome cat toys. They’d make even the most pretentious feline purr in delight.

1. Play-N-Squeak Whack Attack

Indoor cats never lose their predatory instincts, and for this, they need something to keep them busy. This toy is designed to let your feline stalk, pounce and whack at leisure. The bouncy mouse will surely keep her busy and active for hours.

2. Thrill of the Chase

Cats love nothing more than chasing their prey around. This toy allows them to do just that, without doing damage to your decorative items around the house. The toy includes an electronic sound module which produces a realistic mouse squeak. The cat is kept active, agile and entertained by this clever toy.

3. The Red Cat Barn

Non-cat lovers might dismiss it as just a box painted red. But cat owners know. If you’ve got a cat that ignores traditional toys, but instead hides in every box around the house, then this is THE toy for you. Not only can they use it for play, it’s great as a nesting and sleeping spot, too.

4. Boris’ Bundle

What? A stack of four cardboard boxes with holes in them? Yes, that’s exactly what your cat needs to be entertained. They can climb, hide and explore at will. Hide catnip inside, a ball or a toy mouse. If you’ve got more than one cat, sit back and watch. Hilarity will definitely ensue.

5. Cosmic Catnip Scratchers

One of the biggest pet peeves with cat owners is that they tend to sharpen their claws on any rugged surface they can lay their grubby paws on. The Cosmic Catnip Scratchers take care of that issue. Cats can’t resist the leaning surface. There’s a crinkle ball inside the scratcher, to get the cat acquainted with the item. To boot, once the scratching surface has been worn out, you can always get a refill.

6. Whisper Track with Twinkle Ball

If your cat is in the habit of playing at the most god-awful hours of the night, this silent track toy will take care of your sleep, as well as of his entertainment needs. The toy features glowing moons, which make the toy easy to spot at night, while the soft sparkle ball twist and twirls for endless fun.

7. Batting Practice Cat Toy

It’s the toy that keeps on giving. Hanging somewhere right above the cat’s head and watch it give in to its natural hunting instincts. The toy bounces back with each swat of the cat’s paw. It also features an electronic module that accurately reproduces a mouse’s squeak, and can be filled with catnip.

8. Tail Spin Mystery Tail

“Oooh, look, there’s a tail coming out of that thing! Must – hunt – it – down!” That’s what your cat will be thinking, when you bring home this toy. It will pounce and scratch for hours. The sturdy stump base also features a sisal top that’s ideal for scratching. You also get two extra tails, to replace the one that will inevitable fall prey to your little predator.

9. Automated Undercover Mouse

Your cat will stop hunting for your toes at night, because they’ll be too busy with the Undercover Mouse. The toy mouse inside moves quickly and randomly, slowing down and speeding up often enough to keep the cat’s interest piqued. It’s covered in durable nylon, for lots and lots of fun time.

10. The Magneticat

Much like its name suggests, the Magneticat is magnet-propelled, to keep the dangly spider perpetually in motion, and your cat forever entertained. The toy requires no batteries, it’s simple to assemble and it’s awfully sturdy – great even for the most active of cats.