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Several years ago, YouTube was used as a platform for sharing amateur, homemade videos. And you know what? Today, a large portion of the website’s users still do the same thing, except on a bigger scale and the word “amateur” got a new meaning. Either way, 2016 YouTube is for more than just cat videos. It’s become one of the best opportunities for artists of all kinds to popularize their work, as well as a source of revenue which factors view count and watched minutes.

But, like in the case of other websites and social media, there will always be people who will come out on top through subscriber count or views. Here are the 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels.

#10 Fine Brothers Entertainment

Popular YouTube Channels

Source: variety.com

Subscribers: 13,825,281
Views: 4,067,616,955

You might recognize the Fine Brothers for their widely spread and popular “react format,” which was also the source of a certain controversy a while ago. Although they do a few sketches and summaries of TV shows or YouTube content, it’s shows like Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, and all of their variety that really gave them a boost of success. Also, noteworthy is their second channel, REACT, which is solely dedicated to this kind of format, along with others that involving gaming videos, food tasting, and a Q&A advice series.

#9 The Ellen Show

Popular YouTube Channels

Source: Odyssey

Subscribers: 15,736,464
Views: 7,143,801,571

Ellen DeGeneres is, without a doubt, the it talk show host. Quirky and funny, her magnetizing and communicative personality has also helped her with significant interactions on social media and platforms like YouTube. Millions of people click on the videos from the channel dedicated to The Ellen Show, undoubtedly wanting to check out the superstars that take a seat on her sofa on a daily basis.

#8 EminemVEVO

popular youtube channels

Source: EminemVEVO

Subscribers: 18,080,221
Views: 6,412,418,341

Through January 2013 and June 2014, the YouTube channel dedicated to rapping icon Eminem was met with an incredible popularity grow, both in the area of subscribers and view count. Despite that, it would be a huge understatement to claim that there wasn’t enough attention directed towards the channel before. This is because the music video that bagged in the most views, the Rihanna featuring Love The Way You Lie, was released all the way in 2010.

#7 KatyPerryVEVO

popular youtube channels

Source: KatyPerryVEVO

Subscribers: 18,386,427
Views: 7,331,778,635

The pop singer and YouTube have a tight relationship, as proven by Katy Perry’s contribution to breaking the website’s records. Her two most viewed music videos, Dark Horse and Roar both have amassed over one billion views, making her the only artist to manage the performance of having two videos pass this huge milestone.

#6 TaylorSwiftVEVO

popular youtube channels

Source: TaylorSwiftVEVO

Subscribers: 18,914,242
Views: 8,581,583,519

Although Taylor Swift has gone through several changes, both in looks and musical approach, since the time she America’s girl-next-door sweetheart, she still stands strong as one of the most successful singers today. The music video Blank Space was one of the first, following Gangnam Style’s initial achievement, to pass the one-billion milestone. Videos such as Shake It Off and Bad Blood are trailing behind really closely, evidencing Taylor’s consistency with the success of her releases.

#5 OneDirectionVEVO

popular youtube channels

Source: OneDirectionVevo

Subscribers: 19,907,803
Views: 6,070,884,285

Zayn left, the band went on hiatus, but that could never undermine the fact that One Direction took the world by storm. The success of the British boys isn’t just limited to awards, album sales, and an expansive fanbase, however. Their VEVO channel is one of the most subscribed, with the number of people clicking on one of their music videos growing every month.

#4 RihannaVEVO

popular youtube channels

Source: RihannaVEVO

Subscribers: 20,375,037
Views: 8,629,465,701

As far as success on YouTube goes, Rihanna is the female artist who excels most at it. Given her ever-changing style, the variety of her music, and the consistency of her single and album releases, it’s really hard for someone not to find at least one Rihanna song that they like. The most generally liked songs, according to views on the VEVO channel, are Diamonds and her collaborations with Calvin Harris and Drake for We Found Love and, respectively, What’s My Name.

#3 JustinBieberVEVO

popular youtube channels

Source: JustinBieberVEVO

Subscribers: 20,904,806
Views: 10,478,651,389

The hit count of the most successful VEVO channel of all doesn’t come just from all the views received by Baby from people clicking on it just to dislike it. Justin Bieber has recently taken a different path for his career, which managed to convert a bunch of avid Bieber haters into people who find enjoyment in his new music. Although Baby is the most viewed video for the reasons mentioned before, new releases Sorry and What Do You Mean are right behind, making a nice contrast.


popular youtube channels

Source: SMOSH

Subscribers: 20,904,806
Views: 5,470,245,977

YouTube was intended to be a video-sharing platform for amateur creators, which perfectly explains how professionally produced brands like VEVO have been outranked by two boys who started filming in their bedroom. Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox have been around since almost the start of the website, having proven that a career truly can be built from YouTube. Now, owning a website, having partaken in a movie, and owning a variety of side channels, they’ve become an enterprise in its own right, with a surprisingly high-quality production value. To get an idea of their popularity, take a look at their most popular (good) video, Ultimate Assassin’s Creed 3 Song.

#1 YouTube Spotlight

popular youtube channels

Source: YouTube Spotlight

Subscribers: 24,029,317
Views: 805,616,883

What? A YouTube channel is in the top three most popular YouTube channels? This is likely because many users are automatically subscribed to Spotlight, which, as the name suggests, allegedly brings the trendiest and hottest things of the moment. Unfortunately, as the dramatically low view count shows, people only watch their videos as long as they’re YouTube Rewinds, all four of which occupy the first spots as the most viewed.