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Working from home, or WFH, allows you to build your schedule as you want, to take breaks whenever you want, to eat, drink and sleep whenever your body tells you to. Working from home also alienates you and gives you a bit too much time alone; after a while of working from home you start noticing that you’ve lost quite a few social skills that you gained working in an office. But then again, every job has pros and coms and working from home is a dream for many. That is exactly why there are so few good jobs working from home. Today, we’re going to present to you 10 most rewarding work from home jobs that you can do!

10. Travel Agentwork from home jobs travel agent

Being a travel agent isn’t easy, but when you’re working from home, everything just gets better. Out of all the jobs on our list, this one probably requires the most work form your part, so make sure you really want to do it, because you will work hard for your money. Dealing with travel agencies, hotels and people can get the best of you.

9. Survey Takerwork from home jobs survey taker

The world will always need one more survey taker. While there may not be a lot of money involed in this job, it’s enough to make a decent living, once you learn the ropes. It implies a lot of time spent answering questions and focusing on that can be quite tiresome. Make sure you do a bit of research before picking this job.

8. Bloggerwork from home jobs blogger

There is still money to be made from blogging, so if you are an appealing individual and have something interesting to say, we recommend you start your own blog and keep at it. It will take you at least 6 months to start making money from it, depending on the subject and website traffic, but if your goal is to make money from it, you can tailor do it.

7. Virtual Assistantwork from home jobs virtual assistant

The world still needs personal assistants, so start searching for a virtual assistant job. What does a virtual assistant do? Typing, answering and sending mails, various errands, a bit of accounting and some Internet research. Basically, a bit of everything. When it comes to money, it depends, but if you’re lucky to find a wealthy person who wants to hire your services, you’re gold!

6. Call Center Operatorwork from home jobs call center

This one is very popular, but also probably the most unpleasant on our list. Dealing with people on a daily basis is never an easy task, and eventually you end up pretty much hating people, but working from home can take the edge off this job. Be a call center operator in a field that you know you can handle and it’s all downhill from there.

5. Technical Support Specialistwork from home jobs tech support

Are you a tech-savvy individual? Then, your skill is surely to be put to good use online. Working from home as a technical support specialist is probably the most flexible job on our list. There will be days when you’ll be working like a dog and days you’ll be spending binge-watching your favorite TV shows.

4. Teacherwork from home jobs teacher

One of the oldest profession in the world, teaching can now be done over the Internet. Choose carefully the subject you’re planning to teach. Study the market before to learn which areas are of the most interest to people and then start networking. Set a reasonable price and share your knowledge with the world.

3. Content Writerwork from home jobs content writer

Writing for a living, if you have a bit of talent, is quite good. You get to be creative and choose your own employers, if you are a freelance writer. You can find work on websites such as Elance, but it does require some effort on your part to put together a nice resume and portfolio. Once you’ve set everything up, all you need to do is bid and wait.

2. Web Designerwork from home jobs virtual assistant

Web Designing is a relatively new job. If you have no skills in web designing and you still want to work in the field, there are plenty of online courses you can take to learn the skill and improve it. Once you’re ready, start applying but not before you’ve built yourself a rock-solid portfolio. With this job, your work speaks for itself.

1. Translatorwork from home jobs translator

If you know a foreign language and you’re good at translating, then you are bound to make some good money working from home as a translator. As is the case with all working from home jobs, the key is to market yourself well and to have patience. Once the work starts coming in, make sure you do a good job and more will follow.