fan clock

Tick tock goes the clock, hang it on your wall, it shows the time spring, summer or fall. The digital wall clock has to be one of the most popular objects in the world. Everybody has one hanging from the wall. But a digital wall clock doesn’t have to be a plain old clock. There are so many awesome designs out there that it would be a pity to have the usual round clock showing you the time. Let us show you some of the coolest and unusual digital wall clock designs you could get.

10. Homer Simpson Digital Wall Clock

homer simpson clock

Fans of The Simpsons animated series will love having their favorite cartoon character telling them the time. This Homer Simpson digital wall clock will add a bit of color to any room and it will bring a smile on your face whenever you want to know what time it is. It’s time to change your usual wall clock and try this colorful cartoon clock instead.

9. The Melting Clock

melting clock

Surreal master Salvador Dali is the inspiration behind this weird looking wall clock. It’s inspired from one of his famous paintings called “The Persistence of Memory” and it will look amazing anywhere in your house. The illusion that the clock is melting is awesome and can add an edge to your living room walls. It would also make a great present for one of your friends.

8. The Whiteboard Clock

white board clock

Who said that you can’t draw your own digital wall clock? This awesome clock lets you draw a new one anytime you want. It’s actually placed inside a plain whiteboard and you can draw, write and wipe whenever you feel like it. Leave messages for your family or write important notes so you won’t forget. 3 o’clock meeting? Write in on the whiteboard digital wall clock and when it’s time to go, you’ll know just by looking at the hour.

7. Whatever Clock

whatever clock

Do you remember that song, “My United states of whatever”? Well this is the digital wall clock version of that. This is called the whatever clock because the numbers showing the hour, minutes and seconds are all messed up, meaning that time is irrelevant when you’re going to be late anyways. It’s one of the funniest digital wall clock designs around and it makes perfect sense. Yeah, whatever.

6. The Turntable Clock

turntable clock

Music fans will love this cool looking digital wall clock. This is a clock made from an old turntable. It’s retro and super modern at the same time, and it will look amazing on a living room wall. Showing time has never been cooler than this. We wonder though, can it still make the scratchy hip-hop sounds while telling time? That would be the most awesome thing ever.

5. The Amazing Fan Clock

fan clock

This has to be one of the coolest looking digital wall clocks on the internet. Really, have you ever seen anything like this? It’s a clock that folds and unfolds like a fan, as the hours pass. If you want to see this clock at work you should film it and then fast forward it. The results are amazing. This is a must-have digital clock. It will amaze all your friends, for sure.

4. The Bicycle Wheel Clock

bicycle wheel clock

We must always recycle old things so we can help our dear planet. Old things can be turned into awesome new things, like this amazing-looking wheel digital wall clock. Don’t throw out your old bike, turn it into a clock. It will look great on your bedroom door and you contribute to the cleansing of our planet as well.

3. The Vague Clock

vague clock

This is one weird-looking clock, let me tell you. This unusual digital wall clock only shows you the time if you press on it. It gives a new meaning to the phrase “pressing time”. Get it? This clock looks very modern and it would look good in a modern house, with black and white minimalist furniture. What do you say?

2. The Black and White Digital Clock

black and white clock

This is not just any kind of black and white digital wall clock. The name doesn’t refer to its colors but to the fact that it changes its colors, depending on the light in the house. When it’s daylight it turns black and when it gets dark it lightens. And the best thing about this clock is that you can stick it to any surface of the house.

1. Catena Wall Clock

catena clock

One of our favorite digital wall clock designs is the Catena clock. It was designed by Andreas Dober and has become quite popular among people with artistic taste. Just look at this clock: it looks like a modern piece of art and it also shows the time in a very interesting way. The bicycle chain pulls the hours and shows the time accordingly.