The world lost a few super-stars that will be missed, despite the fact that some of them were controversial, others almost lit the world on fire with their attitude or behavior, while others still bring tears of joy and melancholy when we listen to their songs. There are many such icons in the music industry, stars that lit our sky and passed away, leaving us with the memory and an infinite desire to have met them just once. But let’s see ten of the most influential, controversial and unique people that we lost and wish to bring back to life.

1. Freddie Mercury

The world will always remember hit songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and I want to break free, even if they are not (and weren’t fans of Queen). The death of Freddie Mercury was a tragedy and the loss of his unique voice and his eccentric appearance on the stage make us want to bring him back.


2. Michael Jackson

He was disputed, he was accused of an infinite number of things, he died in tragic conditions. He made history and he changed the world of music, dancing and stage performance, earning him the name of King of Pop. Not many people loved him, but for what he did on the stage, nobody will disrespect him.


3. Bob Marley

One of the most famous reggae artists in the world, Marley did not only create music, he created a trend, a spiritual motion. A legend in itself, Marley is still a true inspiration for all the musicians in the genre, making thus his name and glory be perpetual.


4. Janis Joplin

Why bring Janis back? Because she was awesome! A unique voice, a crazy attitude, and songs that remind us the wonderful days of Woodstock. A legend of her time, it would be nice to have a couple of whiskey shots with her, wouldn’t it?


5. John Lennon

There isn’t a soul who doesn’t want to bring Lennon back. Maybe because he died so unfairly, so useless, so wrong, but mostly because he was a man of wisdom, a pacifist, an icon for all that is good and beautiful in the humankind. Lennon’s legacy will stand the test of time and if we could undo faith, he’s maybe the one this world would do anything to have him back.


6. Jim Morrison

A poet, a dreamer and a wonderful voice, the man behind Doors left us a legacy of still loved music and we want to bring him back to add more to that legacy. He was a bad boy with a bad rep but he was indeed one of the music stars that will never fade.


7. Kurt Cobain

Two words: Seattle Grunge. If you grew up in the 90′, you can’t have missed the Nirvana mania. Sadly, Cobain decided to end his own life before we could fully enjoy the maximum potential of his talent. A man we still mourn for. A legend that still is present in our hearts.


8. Amy Winehouse

The woman didn’t want to go to rehab, but if given a second chance, she might try. Too young to die, resting now among the others like her, Amy Winehouse had a voice to remember and some sort of tragic tone added to her lyrics, sound and attitude. Maybe she didn’t grow up enough to be placed on the same list with Lennon or Mercury, but she had what it took to make it.


9. Sid Vicious

Punk’s not dead!… Well… this one is… We want to bring Vicious back because his “in your face” attitude, a music that made history and a live presence we will not forget very soon.

dead musicians

10. Joey Ramone

Since we are still in the punk music area, this particular punker that we want to bring back is a man that not only became an icon in music, but also in the so-called counterculture of his time. The Ramones are still considered one of the best punk bands in the world and Joey Ramone became a legend being the lead vocalist and front man for a band that wrote history.