Today’s list of online free virus protection solutions comes to aid those of you who quickly and efficiently need a tool at their disposal to pin-point and clean an infected computer. Although this method does not replace the actual anti-virus tool installed on your computer, it may just as well be there when you simply don’t have one installed. Not to mention that with today’s tendencies, everything and anything happens online, and I dare say that the future online protection will take place exclusively online, and not otherwise. So here are ten weapons that deal with any kind of problems your computer may encounter.



10. F-Secure



Our first choice is a pioneer company when it comes to software development. The F-SECURE online virus scan is simple and effective, and uses ActiveX components. Run their online virus-removal tool by simply clicking the “Run Check” button on their website. JavaScript must be enabled and updated.

9. Panda Security



Yet another big name in the security business is Panda Security, and now you can take advantage on their newest technology by scanning your system for worms, viruses, trojans, etc. for free. Before scanning you must install a small ActiveX tool called ActiveScan Cleaner. If don’t want to install it but wanna try it, there’s a portable version available.

8. Jotti



This list of online free virus protection solutions continues with Jotti – an anti-virus engine that uses several scanners at the same time to scan files which you believe to be infected or simply want to make sure they’re not. There is, however, a 25MB file-limit.

7. Virus Total



With VirusTotal not only you can scan files of up to 32MB in size, but the free service also analyzes suspicious URLs, a feature that proves to be useful at any time. With VirusTotal you will quickly detect any threats on your computer such as viruses, worms, trojans, and various types of malware.

6. Trend Micro



TrendMicro’s online scanning tool is called House Call – a highly popular and professional on-demand anti-virus scanner to identify and remove all known viruses, trojans, worms, suspicious or unwanted browser plugins, and all sort of malware threats. House Call is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and features an intuitive interface that combines performance with the benefits of a fast scan.

5. Avast



Our next in the list of ten online free virus protection solutions is Avast’s online virus scanner that lets you scan files of up to 16MB, one file at a time. Although 16MB may not sound much, you should bare in mind that Avast is one of the leading companies in this sector.

4. McAfee



In order to use McAfee’s “Free Scan” service one must have Cookies enabled. If you don’t, they offer advice on how to enable cookies with IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Their tool makes use of the already established McAfee Scan Engine, and ActiveX component.

3. NanoScan



NanoScan is a new and improved free online scanning service from Panda Security that’s incredibly fast and accurate. With NanoScan you can search your whole computer in just one or two minutes, depending on the way you do it (quick or full scan).




ESET’s Online Scanner is a quick and free of charge tool to detect and remove threats on a personal computer. ESET’s award-winning ThreatSense engine will make sure to keep you safe both online and offline, as it uses updated threat signatures and heuristic detection algorithms so you can pin-point known and unknown forms of malware.

1. BitDefender



Number one in our list is BitDefender’s online service that scans your drives, files, and even boot sectors for unwanted programs. QuickScan is indeed lightning fast as it can operate a quick search in under 60 seconds. In addition, you need no installation or configuration whatsoever before scanning.