Some large and established outdoor cinemas are the Outdoor Cinema Food Fest (California), Oshkosh’s Fly-In theater or Screen on the Green (Atlanta). Many prestigious film festivals opt for outdoor movies to their regular screenings. And speaking of popularity, some of the most important outdoor movie events were hosted on St. Mark’s Square at Venice Film Festival in 2004 (the world premiere of Shark Tale) and at Dubai International Film Festival in 2011. A one of a kind outdoor cinema is the Drive-in theater. Outdoor movies are usually projected on an inflatable screen made from PVC coated fabric layers joined by high frequency welding or mechanical sewing. The frame is inflated with a high pressure blower. The blower typically continues to operate, ensuring that the screen remains fully inflated. With that said, we offer you a list of outdoor inflatable movie screens.

10. Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen, 12′



Bring your movies, cartoons and, why not,  TV shows to the big screen right in your backyard. The inflatable movie screen can be assembled in minutes, definitely impressing your family and friends. The screen is equipped with a small fan that pumps up the inflatable movie screen in a few minutes, while keeping it inflated during your movie experience, 8 tether stakes, 8 base stakes, 4 long tethers, 4 short tethers, 1 spare fuse, and one storage bag.

9. Disney Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen



The Disney Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen inflates in just seconds, it has a Disney-themed design with Mickey Mouse ears, and a diagonal of 120″. This outdoor movie screen includes stakes, tethers, spare fuse, a pump for inflating, AC adapter, and a storage bag.

8. 9′ Open Air Home Screen



Open Air Home Screens forgets the inside of a room and takes you and your buddies outside in the open. This is not a cheap, sagging, inflatable screen. Setting the screen up is easy as pie. Just attach the quiet air blower to inflate the screen and tie down to twist stakes.

7. 20′ Open Air Elite Screen



The first in a series of elite line-up outdoor inflatable movie screens is this 20’x11′ screen. It can accommodate up to 500 viewers to host private parties and large scale events. Its versatility can be applied with a variety of locations and venues providing with a true big screen experience.

6. HandiTheatre



The HandiTheatre brings flexibility and convenience to outdoor cinema. HandiScreen SmartScreens can be installed and inflated in under ten minutes by one person. In addition, these screens are available in 2.5 and 3.0 meter (diagonally), the largest suitable for audiences of maximum 100 people.

5. Deluxe Outdoor Movie Screen 12′



We continue our list of outdoor inflatable movie screens with yet another deluxe product that’s big enough to satisfy your outdoor cinema experience. It’s easy to set up and comes equipped with everything an inflatable screen needs.

4. 16′ Open Air Pro Screen



The 16×9 feet Open Air Pro Screen feels and is like a real cinema sized screen. It’s designed to provide years of reliable use; the projection surface zips to the frame, while the frame inflates in seconds with the low-noise blower. To deflate, turn off the blower and open the air vents. Everything comes packed into a protective carrying case. In addition, the screen is wind rated up to 30 mph.

3. 30′ Open Air Elite Screen



This huge 30’x17′ inflatable movie screen is big enough to accommodate 1,500 viewers. The product is optimized for outdoor viewing (theatrical-grade projection surface with black backing), while the structure can withstand winds of up to 30 mph. The blower will keep internal pressure constant. As for the safeness, a bungee cord connection design prevents wind damage to the product.

2. 20′ Open Air Home Screen



The Open Air Home Screen’s smart design provides optimum tension for the projection surface without the exhausting choir of tying, clipping or zipping on a projection surface. The wide screen (16:9 aspect ratio) is easily and quickly (under 20 seconds) inflatable, has a 274-inch diagonal projection surface (22’10”), and weighs around 45 pounds. The product includes a black-out backdrop (blocks light, improves contrast ratio), 8 cinch straps and clips, 4 twist-in stakes and an air-blower.

1. 40′ Open Air Elite Screen



Our last product is this massive 40’x22.5′ inflatable movie screen. The screen can easily accommodate 3.000 viewers, and is made of heavy duty 1400 x 1400 Denier PVC material. It also features double/triple reinforcements at pressure, points, while the structure withstands winds up to 30 mph.