There’s a time in everyone’s life when the right woman is just there for the taking, and no man should ever miss on the opportunity to bound his life to hers. And all men know that women love jewelry! There are many big names in the industry of jewelry, among whom the famous Tiffany & Co., Kay Jewelers, Cartier, amongst other fancy designers. The wedding ring was only worn by the bride, until the 20th century when men started to wear it too. In Western countries wedding rings are likely made of gold. But if you really want something different for your future bride, you may consider purchasing a palladium ring. You may ask what’s so special about this metal, and here’s the answer. First of all, Palladium (Pd) is a rare and luxurious silver-white metal that’s been discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. He named the metal after the asteroid Pallas, which was named after the Greek goddess Athena. Also of interest is the fact that Palladium is part of the metal group called platinum metals. The group includes rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium. With that said, let’s start our list of ten palladium wedding rings.

10. Braided Center Palladium Ring


Our first choice comes with two rope milgrains on each side of the ring along with highly polished edges.  Besides Palladium the ring can be found in a variety of metals. This one is 6 millimeters wide and made of 950 Palladium. The price is usually the same as for white gold. Engraving is possible inside the ring and also outside of it.

9. Basket Weave


We continue with yet another marvel of design and craftsmanship – the Basket Weave style palladium wedding band with a polished finish that ads extravaganza to the product. The ring is made from 950 Palladium, meaning 95% pure palladium and 5% ruthenium. Also, the ring is available in 7 mm only.

8. Concave Style


Our list of ten Palladium wedding rings also includes the unique look of this concave ring with mirror-like polished finishes that reflect even the slightest ray of light. It is available in different sizes – 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm. The ring is made of 950 Palladium.

7. Palladium Ring With Stones


Combining Palladium with 0.38 Carat diamonds is not a bad idea, and here’s the proof. An outstanding Palladium ring with SI1 diamonds (color H clarity) that are 1:7 mm wide. The Beautiful Company offers a wooden box with each ring. Furthermore, to be sure that you get the right size, you will also receive a ring sizer.

6. Palladium Quarter Carat Diamond


Our list continues with yet another elegant palladium quarter carat diamond that will melt the heart of any woman. The ring features round 1/4 Carat diamonds and superb polished finishes. Its width is 0.5 cm. Also, the ring is available in sizes from M to Z.

5. Domed Palladium Ring


Next in our list of ten palladium wedding rings is the Domed ring – a true masterpiece of technology and design. The ring can be found in different sizes: starting at only 3 mm wide and going up to 8 mm wide. The finishes are also various, including polished, satin, rough, wired or glass.

4. Dual Woven Inlays


If you’re looking for a more serious ring to go with that serious statement in front of the altar then this is it! The ring features two superb offset woven inlays with polished edges and a satin finish. It is available in two sizes – 7 mm and 8 mm.

3. Flat Palladium Ring with Ringed Grooves


Number three out of ten palladium wedding rings is taken by this outstanding product that features a flat design, along with dual polished ringed grooves which give the impression that two rings are bound to each other, which is not far from the truth. The ring comes in two sizes – 6 mm and 8 mm (which is the one depicted above). It’s made of 950 Palladium.

2. Leaf Patterned


Are you into nature and planned for an outdoor wedding? Then you should consider looking at this Leaf patterned Palladium ring that features a flat design with dual offset milgrains and carved olive leaves. It is known that olive leaves are used to make anti-aging products, just like a marriage should be – forever young!

1. Beveled Palladium Ring with Diamonds


We’ve reached the end of our list and present you this traditional palladium wedding ring with a slim design and polished beveled edges, alongside with a brush finish and evenly-spaced diamonds. It is available in sizes of 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. The .32/.48 Carat diamonds are 4 mm & 6 mm wide.