Picking up in clubs or at any type of events became in the last years some sort of a tabu subject, since men think women will get offended and women forgot that sometimes a cute pick-up line might hide a fun, smart and chilled guy. So before we dismiss the ancient play of courtship, let us browse through some funny and witty pick-up lines that may lead to somewhere and if they not, at least they’ll make a girl consider that particular individual is not a creep, but a potential conversation partner.Not all girls want to be picked up. They will deny you any type of human interaction with no explanation and it’s ok. Others will just remember you as the funny guy who tried to pick them up, while others… well… hope you can cook breakfast…

1. Do you believe in love on first sight or do I need to come back?











Well, this line might get you some attention. She will probably look at you in some awe and then smile. If she’s grumpy, she’ll just tell you to move along and pass by her as much as you please, but girls born with some sense of humor will appreciate the effort and maybe give you the chance for some small chat.

2. The voices told me to come and talk to you










This is a dangerous line, since hearing voices isn’t exactly the best feature you want to brag with, but in all fairness, it is quite sweet and witty and it will make a girl stop for a second to think if you are serious or not or take a good look at you to figure out if you belong in a mental institution or you’re just a little bit more special. Hope she will decide for a second and get curious about who you are and how many voices you hear.

3. My friends over there say I’m not capable of talking to the most beautiful girl in this bar. Do you want to buy some drinks with the money I make winning this bet?










Women love to help. It’s in their nature. Also, they also like a good game and a good challenge. Put a compliment in, play a little innocent but not dumb, make her feel like she’s your personal hero and maybe you’ll get the chance of spending some time enjoying your bet win.

4. I got so emotional in front of you, I forgot my pick-up line









Pour in a little made-up honesty. She will laugh probably and look at you with a mixture of compassion and amusement, not totally losing her interest. You are not a complete idiot by forgetting your pick-up line, but instead you fell under her spell and emotions took you over.

5. Excuse me, I noticed you didn’t notice me…










A little arrogant, but may produce the stunning effect of “who do you think you are” and maybe you’ll be inspired enough to let her know right away that you are smart, elegant, a tad cocky and are not afraid of rejection. Women like men with high self-esteem. Just don’t push it too hard. Keep her guessing and make her smile. The first point is won right there on the spot.

6. Will you honor me with having a drink with me, or do I have to lie to my diary?












You might get the instant line of  “lie away dude!”, but you will also find that type of girl that will lock her gaze into yours and ponder carefully on the subtlety of your line. You might want to go a little forward by stating you are a decent guy and hate to lie so now, that she found out of your moral dilemma, she just has to make an honest man out of you. A little funny blackmail won’t hurt.

7. Are you talking to me?

















It’s indeed a famous movie line, but this is not the case. If the girl looks at you in surprise and honestly states that she wasn’t indeed addressing you, then go on and tell her “so… what’s keeping you?” This is somewhat a push in the corner. In order to respond, she’ll have at least to take a look at you and see who is she having this conversation with and what reasons are there to refuse to talk to you. She will not be impolite or rude, so the denial will find its roots in “don’t have the time”, “I am with somebody” and so on. But she will take her time to actually think about what kept her from talking to you, so there’s some ground there to build on.

8. Bond! James Bond!















A classic. There is no woman on Earth who would not fall for the infamous 007, but… this is a tricky one. Self confidence, a manly aura, a cool outfit and some seductive skills are a must in you don’t want to end up mocked for the rest of the night by her and her group of friends. To play the Bond card, as funny as it is, you have to make her at least skip a heart beat when she meets your impenetrable look, your seducing smile and your impeccable manners. Make her laugh is one thing, become a joke is another.

9. Can I take a photo of you, to show Santa what I wish for Christmas?









Witty and sweet, with the necessary compliment in it. You may get a “do you still believe in Santa, kid?”, but you made your entry. She talked to you and maybe from Santa you can get to any subject you desire. Childhood myths combined with a serious, legit question may puzzle her enough to grant you a smile and a chat.

10. I was so disturbed by your presence here, I bumped into that wall over there. So I’ll be needing your name and phone number for the insurance company











Fun, relaxed, a little bit worried, rubbing a nonexistent bump on your forehead. Smiling, complementing and a little emotional blackmail will get you far and if the girl has some humor, she will offer you an ice patch for your injury and at least a first name to call her again in case you feel like a stroke is coming your way.