Giving unsolicited advice is like screaming inside a quiet library for 10 minutes in the middle of exam season, somebody’s bound to slap you! We’ve all been there, minding our own business, when all of a sudden, a friend or a stranger comes up to us with some advice that we haven’t really asked for. What makes people think that it’s OK to give people unsolicited advice? We’ll never know, but we’re pretty sure you’ve done it too. We’ve all done it, be it to our closest friend or people on the street. We think that our knowledge is so precious that it simply must share with the world. There’s one thing when a person asks for tips and advice, such as on how to lose a bit of weight, but when you assume that they would like to hear what you have to say about their situation, that’s simply unacceptable. Remember what they taught us in school: when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me! Let’s take a look at 10 pieces of awful unsolicited advice out there.

10. Smile!


Oh, this is probably my favorite and most awful unsolicited advice. It’s usually given out when one is sad or overwhelmed. Smiling will naturally make everything better, right? Try to compose yourself when hearing this idiotic advice; you wouldn’t want to provoke physical pain to the person giving it to you. Or don’t compose yourself and tell them to cheer up and smile after!

9. You Should Throw Out That Old Rag!


It’s good to have an opinion on almost everything in this world, but when it comes to people’s clothes, try keeping it to yourself. Telling someone you absolutely hate their jeans will make them think about what you said every time they wear them. Why would  you want to put them through that?

8. You Should/Shouldn’t Be Eating That


Don’t impose your own beliefs on people. This works for everything, from religion to food. Telling people they should or shouldn’t be eating something, while they’re eating it will let everyone know you are a bug A-hole! Mind your own business!

7. Try This! It Works for Me!


Needless to say, this is one of the most childish pieces of advice you can ever give someone. Of course that if it works for you then it will work for everyone, because everyone is the same in this world. You could try putting it differently and say something such as I’ve been in a similar situation to yours and I’ve done this. Maybe you could consider doing it as well, if you think it helps. Be mature about the whole thing!

6. Don’t Feed the Baby That!


Everyone has an idea about what to feed and not to feed children. If you see parent on the street feeding their baby chips, don’t stop and tell them it’s wrong, even if you believe it is. They’ve probably got enough on their plate without you coming in and acting all sanctimonious and they’re probably doing the best they can, which is something that you will do when you have your own child.

5. What’s Up with that Leg/Arm Hair?


Body-shaming is one of the most horrible things that will mess up your self-esteem. Never pick on someone because of how they look. If they choose not to shave/wax their legs/arms, respect that and don’t act as if what they’re doing offends you. Because even though you think it does offend you, let us tell you a little secret: IT SHOULDN’T! It’s their body, their hair!

4. Breathe!


People who are telling you to just breathe are the worst. Like that is going to fix all your problems! It’s not, because people have been breathing ever since the dawn of time and they still have problems! The next time you get this silly unsolicited advice, tell them that you are breathing and that’s what’s keeping you alive.

3. That One Would Look Much Better on Your Body Type


If you’re going out shopping with your friend and you’re asking them what they think about a certain pair of pants, then this piece of advice is absolutely fine, but if you’re trying on something and you get a complete stranger who tells you this, then you should not listen to them. This advice sounds worse when coming from shop assistants; they usually are under the impression that they’re also fashion consultants.

2. It’s Cold. Shouldn’t You Be Wearing a Hat?


It is cold. It’s also my own personal head and I’ll choose to do with it what I see fit. People tend to make a lot of associations, so it’s they’re cold and they’re wearing a hat/sweater, then you should too. Respond in a calm manner to avoid getting into a fight because of a silly thing like this.

1. You Should Lose/Gain Weight


Nobody should ever tell you that you need to lose or gain weight. Your body is none of their business, but your own. Don’t let others think it’s OK to tell you how your body should be, give them a piece of your mind the moment they offer this awful unsolicited advice. This is what is pushing so many people towards eating disorders and it needs to stop now!

As you’ve probably notices, almost all awful unsolicited advice begins with you should/shouldn’t. We beg of you to think twice before offering unsolicited advice! What are your thoughts on the matter? Drop us a line in the comment section below.