If you’re thinking of hiring an au pair for a bit of extra help around the house and with your kids, there’s a lot of questions that need to be asked before you make the final decision. If you’re not sure what you should be asking regarding hiring an au pair, read on for some ideas.

1. Are you prepared to hire an au pair?

Au pairs aren’t just regular nannies – if you find a au pair with aufini.com, for example, you’ll also be expected to provide the au pair with a place to live, food and an allowance at the very least. Do you have the room in your home for an au pair? Are you prepared to help them financially, in return for help around the house?

2. Are you using a reputable agency?

If you’re going to let a stranger into your home, it’s vital that you hire an agency that’s reputable, and carries out all the necessary checks.

3. Can you deal with language barriers?

If you’re hiring an au pair from abroad, you might have to deal with a language barrier at first. Although most au pairs will be required to have a basic grasp of English, they probably won’t be as fluent as a native, and may ask you for help.

4. How do your kids feel about it?

As your kids will be spending a lot of time with the au pair, it’s important that you choose a person that they like and get on with, as well as somebody who they’ll respect.

5. Are you willing to embrace their culture?

Since the majority of au pairs come from abroad, you may need to accept the fact they might adhere to some cultural traditions that are alien to you. You will need to be open minded and accepting of them, as you’ll want to ensure that they feel comfortable and welcome in your home.

6. How much experience do they have?

When you meet or interview potential au pairs, you should ask them if they’ve worked as an au pair before, and if not, are you ok with that?

7. Do they have experience/training with children?

If you’d like your au pair to babysit regularly, you’ll need to ensure that they’re comfortable doing so, and have previous experience or training with kids.

8. How long do you need an au pair for?

Do you need an au pair for a couple of months, or are you thinking of hiring on a more long term basis?

9. Why do you need an au pair?

It’s important that your au pair knows exactly what you’ve hired her to do, so make it clear what your reasons are for hiring.

10. Are you able to arrange tax etc.?

When hiring an au pair, it’s your responsibility to make arrangements for their tax, National Insurance, and salary. Are you able and willing to do so?

Can you think of any other questions you should ask before hiring an au pair? Leave your responses in the comments below.