In the last few years, internet technology has advanced so much that you no longer have to install different games in order to play. Now you can even try out 3D online multiplayer browser games, because the internet speed has seen such a growth that it can support complex details and a large number of participants. Although there are hundreds of browser games available on the web, we have tried to choose some of the most popular, and also diverse games, so as to satisfy each reader. Whether it’s fantastic adventures, fights against tribes or simply taking care of virtual horses, there is a game for everyone. Here is our top 10 online browser games:


This game has an interesting story. You are a pilot in the elite air forces which fight against the evil Mantis. Mantis has already conquered several planets and solar systems, and his ultimate goal is to deplete the Cyronit deposits on these planets. Complete quests and defeat enemies in order to upgrade your ship, then join forces with the best pilots in order to defeat Mantis.



Travian is one of the most popular online browser games, in which you can build your own empire, recruit a powerful army, and fight for your kingdom in order to become the best in the beautiful lands of Rome, and Thrace.. In this game you can also find allies with which to plan strategies and establish your supremacy on the travian territories. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of medieval warfare, antic villages and mysterious adventures.



Warmage battlegrounds is a great online multiplayer game where you can create your own battle-force, create powerful spells, special artifacts and face opponents. You start by creating your own WarMage character, who will command your troops, and in no time you will be able to overthrow your competition and dominate the virtual the battlegrounds.



This game is dedicated to science fiction lovers. The game is an RPG Multiplayer browser game in which you have to interact with other players, attack opponents, travel to distant galaxies, excavate minerals and do quests in order to control the galaxy. Basically, the game is about three powerful mining corporations which cannot divide the galaxy in three, and as a result there are constant battles for resources.


This may not be the typical browser game you are already used to, but on you will find an impressive collection of Mario games which don’t require any installation, all they need is a small plug-in. For all the nostalgic players out there, this site offers the best Mario adventure and games out there.



Runescape is a free, 3D mass multiplayer browser game in which you have to kill monsters, accomplish missions and find special artifacts. Every player receives one character, which he can personalize and of which he is responsible. This means that he has to evolve, grow, find objects. In order to play the game you have to use the JAVA technology, download the plug-in or download a desktop version of the game.



This game is really great, because it brings something new to the world of browser games. This time you won’t be fighting dragons or building cities, but rather choose one of the most famous cartoon characters and use them to fight against the alien invaders. In your adventure you will find miniatures of your favorite cartoons, who have super powers, and who will aid you in your fight against the evil forces.



Vampire of Werewolf? Which one would you like to be? In this game you have to choose a side and fight for the supremacy over the night. The legends become reality, and from the moment you log on for the first time you will engage in the never ending battle. The weapons are simple: claws, fangs, steel and clans, what type of blood do you have coursing through your veins?



BTO is a browser game developed by DovoGame. Although it was present on the Japanese market since 2008, it has been released in an English version at the beginning of 2010. It is totally free, browser based which means it requires no installation, and it works with the help of an internet collection. For all the tycoon lovers out there this is the best chance to play a similar game without installation.



If you love horses, howrse is the game for you. Although at a first glance it looks like a children’s game it is actually very complex. The best thing about it is that you don’t have only one possible career you can pursue. In the game you can create your own Equestrian Center, breed unicorns, train the best horses and compete for the Grand Prize.  This is the browser game I am playing at the moment, and although it started out as a simple game, it’s been over a year since I started and I love it. It is very complex, you can really make good friends, and the horses are very beautiful.