10 Really REALLY Scary Creepypastas

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Let’s face it, deep down we all have an almost sadistic pleasure in reading the spine-chilling, hair-raising, awkwardly terrifying viral stories from the depths of the internet called creepypastas.

It seems that humanity has evolved from reading ghost stories with a flashlight under your chin for an uber-eerie shadowy effect to sharing these tales inspired from urban legends online, both in audio and written form, with some downright bloodcurdling pictures to match. Here are some of the creepiest creepypastas you will probably hear in a long time.

You just might want to leave a light on when you go to bed tonight. You have been warned. Sweet dreams.

Jeff the Killer

Source: io9.com

Jeff the Killer. Source: io9.com

Oh, Jeff, you really have a knack for making us squeal like little school girls, no matter if we’re guys or gals. Just taking a glance at his face will make you instantly want to turn the other way AND turn your light on (hate to say we told you so). The story goes like this: a 13-year-old named Jeff gets harshly beat up, has not only alcohol, but also bleach poured all over him and then… he was lit on fire.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the kid supposedly decided to go on a killing spree and, supposedly, you just might be the next victim. If you happen to see this face near your bed at night and hear a “Go to sleep” whisper, you definitely have the right to panic. Check out the fully story here and be prepared for a looong night.

Slender Man

Slender Man. Source: metro.co.uk.

Slender Man. Source: metro.co.uk.

Slender Man is not quite your average protagonist. Think tall, dark, but no so handsome, seeing as he has no face. Quite possibly one of the most notorious urban legends, Slender Man is said to be of paranormal origin and has the sole purpose of “stalking, abducting or traumatizing people; especially children”, according to What Happens Next? (Gail Arlene De Vos, 2012). It’s creepy that Slender Man has not only inspired real-life crimes, but also that he seems to be present in books published in various countries worldwide. Find out how he looks, how he behaves (aka how to run for it if you see him) and also some cool history and mythology references here.

The Russian Sleep Experiment

The Russian Sleep Experiment. Source: skeptoid.com.

The Russian Sleep Experiment. Source: skeptoid.com.

This is probably one of the freakiest creepypastas the internet has for us, due to the fact that it’s so realistic. Claimed to be based in the ‘40s in Russia, the story describes (with way too many details) how five test subjects were forced to live 15 long and sleepless days, constantly inhaling an experimental gas. The Russian researchers conducting the experiment apparently chose them because they were “political prisoners deemed enemies of the state during World War II”. Basically, each of the five guinea pigs were slowly but surely driven to paranoia, insanity and even cannibalism. The scariest part of all kicks in when the researchers entered the chamber to check the microphones after long periods of silence on the 14th day. When announcing their entrance, a small voice whispers “We no longer want to be freed”. Get ready for goosebumps while reading the entire story here.


Suicidemouse.avi. Source: Youtube.com.

Suicidemouse.avi. Source: Youtube.com.

We always seem to find ourselves randomly googling weird facts about Disney stories, especially since all the alleged subliminal messages became viral. This terrifying creepypasta based on the innocent Walt Disney character Mickey Mouse will definitely get your blood pumping and your breath racing. It all starts out with the classic 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoons recently released on DVD; one of the videos contained over 9 minutes of a depressed Mickey continuously walking down a row with buildings nearby. Kind of creepy, I guess. But wait, after 3 minutes the screen suddenly blackens, then returns to the same image, but with a horrifying screaming in the background and a wicked grin on Mickey’s face. It’s rumored that the first person who actually succeeded in watching the entire episode ended up committing suicide. Do you have the guts to watch it?

Squidward’s Suicide

Squidward's Suicide. Source: youtube.com.

Squidward’s Suicide. Source: youtube.com.

It seems like the internet can’t get enough of suicide stories, especially when they involve lost episodes of your favorite cartoons from when you were a kid. Squidward’s story is a little bit different than Mickey’s, though. After being visited by a salesman in Bikini Bottom who says “the red mist is coming”, Squidward becomes ever more depressed. As the video continues, the sounds begin to distort, cries can be seen and heard and real pictures of dead children begin to flash. “Do it” are the last two words that can be heard before Squidward pulls out a shotgun and (you guessed it) shoots himself.

Childhood ruined much? If you’re brave enough to watch the entire video, check it out below.

Smile Dog

Smile Dog. Source: youtube.com.

Smile Dog. Source: youtube.com.

The story of Smile Dog is actually all about a picture, smile.jpg, also known as smile.dog. A lady is said to have gone practically mad upon seeing an image on a floppy disk she had received. The internet claims that no copy of the actual image exists and the story varies from source to source, but what’s certain is that seeing even alleged versions of this picture will keep you up tonight for sure. Check out one of the full creepypastas here and then check your inbox. If you dare.

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv. Source: wafflesatnoon.com.

Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv. Source: wafflesatnoon.com.

This is another urban myth turned into YouTube video that will literally trigger goosebumps from merely seeing the thumbnail. The original Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv is said to have been 2 minutes long and was banned by the website’s staff “after 153 people who viewed the video gouged out their eyes and mailed them to YouTube’s main office in San Bruno”. If you search for the video now, all you will find will be a 20 second version, with a dark-haired man with a red background plainly staring at you. The last two seconds are what will scare you the most.  Try and watch below.

Robert the Doll

Robert the Doll. Source: wikipedia.org.

Robert the Doll. Source: wikipedia.org.

Inspiration for the childhood-haunting Chucky (Child’s Play), Robert the Doll is rumored to be possessed by the evilest of spirits. It is said that a young boy, Robert Otto, had received the doll from a house servant that had allegedly been practicing black magic at the Otto residence. The boy became very fond of the doll, naming it after himself and having frequent conversations with him. Without spoiling the entire story, let’s just say that quite a few events took place that will make you lock up all the dolls in your house.

Ok, some might say that it sounds like the average horror story. But wait, this doll is REAL and it resides in the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Road trip, anyone?

The Other Watcher

The Other Watcher. Source: blamethe1st.blogspot.ro

The Other Watcher. Source: blamethe1st.blogspot.ro

“Curiosity killed the cat” at its finest. The story takes place in a hotel that is said that have a forbidden room. A man casually checks in one day and is repeatedly warned by the receptionist to NOT venture near the numberless door. Of course everything forbidden is exciting, so the man looks through the keyhole and first sees an unusually pale woman. The next day, the only thing he saw through the keyhole was pure red. It turns out that the warning was pretty legit, as the receptionist explains “Well, I might as well tell you the story of what happened in that room. A long time ago, a man murdered his wife in there, we find that even now, people get uncomfortable staying there. But these people were not ordinary. They were white all over, except for their eyes, which were red.”

The Rake


A straight-up celebrity among urban legends, The Rake is supposedly an out-of-this-world creature with some human features that is said to randomly attack people in the woods, leaving them utterly and irrevocably traumatized. Many internet sources link The Rake to notorious Slender Man, as an alocholoic, self-harmed and sickened version of the latter. What puts the “creepy” in this creepypasta is also the reports of The Rake being seen countless times, from as far back as 1961. Better be careful next time you go camping.


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