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People aren’t solitary creatures and that is why relationships make the world go round. Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship will tell you that they are fun, but they also will require quite a bit of work. We will never come up with the perfect equation that will help us have the perfect relationship, because such a thing does not exist, but some people do come pretty damn close. We’ve talked about the signs your lover rocks in an earlier article and now it’s time to discuss 10 relationship myths debunked, because we all need a little help in life and especially in love.

10. Partners Should Stick to Their Roles in the Relationshipgender roles

That is the biggest myth and the biggest mistake one could do in a relationship. While everybody does have a role in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that one has to keep that role for eternity while in that relationship. So, you’re the person who always takes the initiative and your significant other needs to be convinced to do things, but it doesn’t have to always be that way. Work together to change things!

9. Happy Wife, Happy LifeHappy Wife, Happy Life

This is probably how a big chunk of the population views marriage: that a husband is responsible for his wife’s happiness and that men in general have a hard time making their wives happy. This belief is as old as time and it should start its decline now. If you want a happy life, learn to bring happiness to yourself.

8. Women Are the Irrational Ones in a Relationshipirrational

Oh, come on, you must be a big ol’ misogynist if you still believe this crap! Back in the ’50 the hormones were to blame for when a woman would start acting irrational. Now, it’s absolutely the same thing. Don’t you think it’s time to own up to your actions and ask yourself why your woman is unhappy with you, instead of calling her irrational?

7. You Should Never Try to Change Your Significant Othercompromise

Actually, you should try to change your significant other! If there is something wrong with them, do your best to change them for the better. I’m all for accepting people the way they are, but a relationship is filled with compromises and that’s a good thing. There should be a lot of good things you can learn from your significant other. If there aren’t, then maybe you’re not with the right person. Allow yourself to learn from them, to change wherever you think you need to change, but never ever compromise on principles.

6. Casual Sex Always Suckscasual sex

No it doesn’t! This is what people in relationships are telling themselves to feel better. To be honest, good sex is good sex and bad sex is bad sex and casual sex can be both. Good sex isn’t only loving and meaningful, it can be casual and without any shred of meaning. If you decide to be in a committed relationship where you and your partner are monogamous then you should accept that casual sex is out of the question. Don’t be all sour grapes and all!

5. It’s OK to Badmouth Your Partner from Time to Timebadmouthing

This is a myth that has lived long enough. Don’t go running to mommy or your friends whenever your partner has done something that has annoyed you. Don’t tell your guy friends that she is a nag and don’t tell your girl friends that he is a jerk. Be a grownup and deal with your feelings in a grownup way. If you don’t like them anymore, just break up, it’s that simple!

4. Everybody Fights fighting

This is just another one those relationship myths debunked; while it is partly true because everybody does indeed fight, you have to ask yourself how often you guys fight. If it is all the time, then maybe (just maybe), there is something wrong with your relationship that needs fixing.

3. You Can Do Everything a Single Person Canparty

You know those cool couples who are very open-minded and allow their partners to do things that normally would be a little iffy, life going out drinking with the boys or the girls and come back in the wee hours of the morning. That’s nice, but don’t think that because you can do that, you can do everything a single person can!

2. Relationships are Hard Workhard work

This is true, but only to an extent. It is work to live with or be around someone for a long period of time, but it should never be, or at least you should never consider it hard work. Nothing good is really easy in this world and the same goes for good relationships. You need to invest time and soul in a good relationship to get something good back.

1. Sex Fadesgood sex

OK, this one’s not really a myth, but a cold fact, but it doesn’t really have to be like this all the time. Almost all couples go through this after the first year of relationship or so, but it’s really up to you if you continue with a sexless relationship or not. If you’re OK with little or no sex, then kudos to you, but if you’re not, then you and your significant other should talk about it and do something about it!

What are your thoughts on these relationship myths debunked? Do you agree or disagree with us? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear what you think about this subject.