Movies cliches are quiet common and despite the fact that some are truly bothering, others we can just ignore and enjoy the plot and the scenery without much effort. But how about other movies movies? Boy meets girl, they fall in love (or not), they end up breaking up (or not), they live happily ever after. When it comes to love and romance, even in the movies, some things are just downright unpredictable. Others, though, we’ve seen, and seen and seen again. Even in action packed movies there’s gotta be some romantic gesture that somehow emphasizes the plot. So let’s browse through ten of the film’s regular romantic cliches and see what we can live with and what should be removed as overly used.

1. Kissing in the rain

A classic, we might say. Romantic? Definitely. A cliche? Maybe, but some kisses in the rain made Hollywood history. From Great Expectations to Spiderman, rain seems to inspire people kissing. Here’s a scene from The Notebook. What’s not to love?


2. The rose and the note

Usually left on the bed side of the sleeping partner, while the other goes out. For… whatever reasons. A question arises though: where do you get the rose in the morning before you get out of the house? It was laying around the living room, just like that? And if you get out of the house once to get a rose, the write the note, place them on the bed and then leave again the house… boy, it takes a lot of time to get out of that house already!


3. The Kitchen scene

Or the beginner in love housewife that makes a tragedy of ruining the breakfast dishes, while the understanding partner comforts her. Or the frustrated housewife gets into a fight with her partner. Romantic movies have a kitchen scene where something bad happens. Why?


4. Marriage proposal in odd places

Like a football field for instance. At a concert. In a hospital. Usually, there are many people around, so she can’t say no. Sometimes, people cheer for her to say yes. Sometimes, everybody cries.


5. The Hero

Of course, he (or she) doesn’t have any idea what he’s getting into before he gets into some trouble, to prove the other he’s worth the shot or to risk even his / her life to stay together. In fact, reckless heroic acts are known to magically work only in the movies, otherwise normal people just get their asses kicked.


6. Sudden shyness

This one is truly bothering. After sex, women suddenly become coy and cover their bodies up. It’s not like he haven’t seen her naked before! So what, a little skin ruins the focus for the serious conversation after the sex scene?


7. Hawkeye

Is that awkward moment when somebody can spot a loved one in a crowd of 20.000 people. Those in love grow a pair of X Rays eyes instead of their normal ones?


8. The unlucky soldier

A soldier carrying a personal memento of a loved one, such as a jewellery or photo, has no chance of returning alive.


9. Cars are evil

Because they usually never start, especially when a woman got into a fight with her lover. Do cars have ears?


10. Opposites attract

Let a hundred years of psychology aside and watch the movies. Two people must not have the same tastes and opinions on things, neither do must they get along or have the same perspective over life. No. The opposite, the better, as, just as we all know it, fighting is the best way to show your love. Or whatever. movie_cliches