It doesn’t matter if you believe in voodoo magic spells or not, because the reality is that there are a lot of people out there who do, and we all know that self-suggestion can take someone a long way. So whether you landed here because you want to learn how to cast your own spell, or just for plain fun, take heed. Voodoo is serious business, more than just the dollies we’ve all gotten used to seeing in films. Voodoo can bring lovers back, make people fall ill or bring you money… or so they say.

1. Cast a Voodoo Curse on Someone

For the first of our featured voodoo magic spells, you will need cloth, mud, sticks, pins, incense sticks, black candles, black kohl and an object belonging to the person in question. Line your eyes with kohl, both on the upper and the lower lid, make a mud doll as closely resembling the person in question as possible, cover it with a cloth, light the candles, stick the incense in mud, make a cross with them near the doll and prick pins in the doll. Then say, “as I drive pins into this doll/ may the man feel the pain/ the man in flesh and blood/ the man in vain.”

2. Make Someone Fall Ill

This is one of our more complex voodoo magic spells, as it requires several items belonging to the person getting cursed. You need to set up an altar with a circle around it and cast salt water or rose water around it, so that it doesn’t backfire on you. Light a fire, set up a pot, prepare the voodoo doll with hair clippings from the person you’re cursing and attach a photo to it. Stick needles into the area you want affected. Add oil of neem and the droppings of two different hens to the boiling pot, then let the doll soak up in oil of neem. Once the potion is boiling, throw the doll in and wait until the fire burns out.

3. Contact the Dead

Make ink from soot and red wine and set up an altar with two candles facing each other. Place parchment paper between the two candles. With the ink prepared before, write this spell on the parchment, “t is my wish that I contact my (mother/father), (name of the dead person). Let it be known to them that I deeply mourn his/her death and I affirm my sorrow by means of this ink on this paper. Let this letter be received as a symbol of my love, as a symbol of my commitment, that I shall never cease mourning him/her until I draw my last breath.”

4. Another Way to Contact the Dead

Arrange incense sticks in the shape of a triangle on a black cloth, light a red scented candle and an ivory candle inside the triangle, write the name of the dead person you want to contact on a piece of paper, burn it with the ivory candle and mix the ashes with water you’ve placed in a bowl. The spell goes, “O life beyond life itself,/ Come forth as I call out to thee./ Speak through the clear still water,/ Like I speak through a mirror to me.”

5. Money Spell

Pierce a banknote, pull a string through the hole, sew the note to a red piece of cloth and hang the ensemble on the wall. Make a square with salt under the cloth and place pink candles on each corner of the square, with a bowl of tangerine oil inside the square. Stir in the oil with an amber incense stick, while reciting, “Pinned to my life for evermore,/ You go with me to every shore./ Though I trade you always for another thing,/ Come back you will to make my pockets ring.”

6. Revenge Spell

Make a doll out of cloth or sponge, representing the person you’re casting the spell against, coat it in clay and paint it red. Stick pins in the doll, while reciting the following spell with each pin. “May the vengeance in my heart,/ Sting you like a poisoned dart./ Like a cripple may you live?/ Until I so wish./ And like a vagabond may you wander,/ Like a trembling gasping fish./ Dead or deaf, mute or maim,/ May the higher powers grant my every passionate claim?” Write the vengeance and the name of the person on a piece of paper, wrap the doll in it and burn the whole thing with a black candle dipped in lemongrass oil. As some voodoo magic spells go, you need to feed the person these ashes by putting it in their drink or food.

7. Summon a Spirit

On a full moon night, draw a perfect circle, 50 centimeters in diameter and place a red cloth in the center, with goat hairs sprinkled on top. Place black and purple cinnamon scented candles around the cloth, light them and walk around the circle four times leaving footprints. Raise your hands up in the air, close your eyes and chant, “Beyond life and death I stretch my hand,/ Bring back the deceased to this earth, to this land./ Follow the footsteps I lay right here,/ Float down to me through the fickle sand.”

8. Trap an Evil Spirit

Put thirteen rose thorns into a jar, one at a time, and chant “Thou Demon presence. Be no more!” as you throw each thorn inside. Crush the thorns in the jar, add crushed up rose petals and then slowly pour salt water. Keep the jar open overnight and close it before the next sunrise. Cover the jar with a cloth and bury it far from the house, in a place with no buildings nearby.

9. Knot Spell

The before-last of our listed voodoo magic spells allegedly gets rid of problems. Take cotton yarn in the appropriate color (green for money, red for love, etc.) and then tell the yarn of all your fears and problems. Tie it all up in knots, take it outside and let the wind blow it away. Once inside, take a cleansing bath. This works best on full moon nights.

10. Signs of Death Curse

Not one of the voodoo magic spells per se, this tool allows you to realize if someone’s put a death curse on you. So if you’ve lost your appetite, sleep, friends and love for no reason… this might just be the cause. Have you had any freak accidents? Are you hearing and/or seeing things others don’t? Constantly in dread or despair? Thinking of suicide? Contact a professional immediately, for help, and now that someone might have just put a voodoo magic spell for death on you…