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Surrendering to the occasional impulse buy is one thing, but being a shopaholic is a whole ‘nother thing. In an earlier article we’ve given you some tips for shopping on Black Friday but now it’s time to take it down a notch and check out some signs of shopaholism. Studies say that 6% of Americans are shopaholics and we live in a society that considers shop till you drop fun and glamorous. It’s not and it can transform into a real problem very fast. Today we’ve got 10 sings you’re a shopaholic, so read on and see if any of these signs fit.

10. Neglect Basic Responsibilities to Go Shopping   shopping bags 10

Have you ever quite whatever important thing you were doing to go shopping. It’s OK, I guess it happens to everyone once in a while. But if you do that constantly, then maybe you have a problem with shopping and maybe you’re a shopaholic. If you feel like shopping offers you an escape from your everyday troubles, then you’re in trouble.

9. Use Shopping as a Recreational Activityshopping recreational

Shopping should be an activity where you buy things that you need or want, it shouldn’t be a recreational activity, something you do to relax. Also, it shouldn’t be considered a sport, no matter how much you walk when you shop or run when there are sales. Besides, shopping is not relaxing – said every non shopaholic person on Earth.

8. You Own Tagged or Unopened Items in Your Closetfull closet

No, we’re not referring to that hideous sweater your grandma bought you for Christmas, we’re talking about items that you yourself have bought and never wore. If you’ve got plenty of tagged items in your closet, or things that you forgot you bought and never wore, then maybe you are a compulsive shopper.

7. Own More than Two of the Same Itemsame item

It’s great to have a couple of white tees or black jeans, but if you wear more than two of the same item, then maybe there is something off with your shopping habits. Why would anyone need more than one item? Especially when you know you are not going to wear it. You do know that, don’t you?

6. You Hide Your Shopping Habitsshopping hiding

If you believe that your shopping habits are something to be ashamed of, then maybe you’re on the right track. Are you hiding your shopping bags from your friends and family? Are you constantly looking over your shoulder when you’re shopping, praying that people don’t recognize you? Are you deleting your browser history after an online shopping session? If you do, then maybe you’re addicted to shopping.

5. You Experience a High When You Buyhigh shopper

All shopaholics will experience a high from buying something. The high or adrenaline rush doesn’t come from owning that object, but from purchasing it. If you get genuine pleasure out of buying things, then it’s one of those sings you’re a shopaholic and maybe you should seek help.

4. You Often Buy Things You Don’t Needthings you don't need

We’ve all done it, but it doesn’t mean that everyone who buys things they don’t need is addicted to shopping. However, if you find yourself doing it more often than you would like, then maybe there’s an issue there. Buying things you don’t need is a perfect example of throwing money out the window.

3. After a Spree You Often Feel Remorseremorse

This guilt that shopaholics feel after buying things doesn’t really have to be limited to large purchases. They can feel remorse even after buying something as small as a pair of socks. You know deep down inside that there’s something wrong with your shopping and your body is telling you that.

2. Anger or Frustrations Leads to an Urge to Buyfrustration

Most shopaholics will feel the urge to buy things when they are angry, frustrated or bored. It’s because shopaholism, just like any other addiction, is there to fill an emotional void, such as lack of self-confidence, loneliness or lack of control. Have you found yourself going shopping after an argument with someone?

1. You Don’t Feel Well on Days When You Don’t Shopsad cat unwell

Did it ever happen to you? Have you ever felt anxious on days when you didn’t shop? If you have, then shopping is really an addiction to you and you can’t be comfortable without buying things. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and seek professional help. Talk to someone about your addiction.

Do you have any sings you’re a shopaholic? Does someone you know fit the characteristics above? What are your plans about it? Does it bother you and you want to stop? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you.