Dating a geek? Ladies, don’t panic, you may actually enjoy the ride! Since the digital era almost absorbed us completely and the technological developments make our lives better, faster and more efficient, the old mocking term of “geek” is now a label of pride and power. Forget all the old high school movies where the bunch of nerds were the constant subject of humiliation of “cool” teenagers, because the world of today belongs to them and they rule it with class. They’re smart, sassy, know the world around them, flexible and weirdly fun. They read books, watch movies and play games and there’s no “geek” subject they can’t have an opinion about. They know how to use almost any mobile application, can talk for hours about CGI, can’t remember when was the last time they actually played with a ball but can recite by heart all the bosses from World of Warcraft in chronological order of appearance and for many women out there, they look like these misunderstood geniuses that can use a toaster to make a stake.  So today we’ll discover the signs that show your boyfriend may be the geek of your dreams.

1. Does he own multiple computing devices?


Laptop is for writing, working and mobility. The huge PC with the wide screen is for game playing. The smartphone is for using applications only they (and the other cult members) know how to use. You only own a tablet? You’re doing it wrong.

2. Trekkie or SW?


Some may be both. Don’t try to understand, just enjoy the journey. If he is a Star Trek fan, he knows all Enterprise’s captains names by heart, their history, their battles and their future. Of course, they saw all the movies. They can present a doctoral thesis on Spock’s psychology. If they are Star Wars fans, they’ll wake you up in the morning saying “Slept well you did I hope” and “They lied. The dark side doesn’t have cookies”.

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3. iPhone or Android?


Same for Mac or Windows. Unfortunately, this is an argument you can’t win unless you join a side. If you join the wrong side (the one he’s not into, of course), you’ll never hear the end of it.

4. Signed the petition for bringing Firefly back?


You never heard of Firefly? A brilliant old SF TV show that was cancelled after 14 episodes. Ten years ago. The show’s popularity increased immensely and there’s no true geek on this planet that won’t remember to join forces with the others in the online environment to ask the producers to bring Firefly back. If he makes hat jokes you don’t understand, it’s his subtle way to convince you to watch it.

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5. Video games are too easy?


The true geek will bash any video game that isn’t fast, hard, challenging, mind blowing, scary, thrilling and addictive. So if you hear him yell in front of the computer “you guys are idiots! back in the day you had to be a real badass to to this, not a 5 year old prick!”, means that he’s a little bit upset.

6. 3 D movie technology makes him want to scream?


The movie loving geek, although adapted to technology, will constantly complain about 3D movies in theaters. Once, because the 3D is never good enough and second, because movies are art and 3D just kills the art buzz.

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7. Marvel or DC?


What? You don’t know what they are? No worries, he’ll tell you the stories of every character in any of the comics, of every hero, villain, relationships, history, mythology and adaptations to the silver screen. You know your boyfriend’s a geek when he’ll tell you the story of Wolverine as it is of his own child and looks at you frowning if you don’t know the name of the novel Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett wrote together.

8. Are there any Internet dark corners he didn’t discover already?


He reads, proudly presents himself as a 4chan member for life, 9gag is so yesterday, he’s telling you something about animated llamas and generally he shows you things that nobody has seen before.

9. Did you stop using Internet Explorer all of a sudden?


You know you’re with a geek when you don’t know exactly why, but somehow you don’t use IE anymore. It worked decent before you met him, now, as your relationship develops, IE became the enemy. Fascinating and intriguing but just roll with it.

10. Did you miss any Comic Con?


You know you are with a geek when he starts talking in a strange language: cosplay, Stan Lee, BBT booth, Avengers merchandise and so on. He may jump around for a few months before the event. The experience may be breathtaking. Does he call you “my warrior princess”? Prepare to cosplay together.