10 Strange Animals Around The World

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Strange animals are known to walk the Earth, as Mother Nature was very generous when planting her children all over this incredible world. As you my see on National Geographic, Discovery and so on, Nature also had some strange sense of humor too. Used to the great animals we already know, seeing some strange wild beasts can only make us laugh, get scared or melt inside. There are a lot of such creatures lurking the farthest corners of the planet or hiding in the depths of the darkest waters and one may need a lifetime to know and learn about them all. So today, among all the strangest creatures in the world, we will choose to present only ten (while apologizing to the others for not making this list – maybe next time) and tell you some things about them, as we travel from the scariest of jungles to the clearest of waters around the globe.

1. The Aye – Aye

A rodent met a primate in Madagascar. This is how this little guy’s story would begin… Endangered species, nonetheless, the Aye – Aye has a middle finger that would make many of us envious, is the largest nocturnal primate in the world and if you think that middle finger is useless, think again: it is efficiently used to finding food.


2. The Tarsier

Look into its big glowing eyes! Don’t you just love it? It is a primate, has incredibly long legs and feeds mostly on insects by jumping at them. Should be fun to watch!


3. The Blobfish

A rare sight for humans, as this gelatinous weird looking sea inhabitant lives at depths so impressive, it could have been at all known in our world for not some lucky specialists who discovered it. It looks like a grumpy old man and Nature was not funny when gave it it looks, but also a little bit cruel, by not allowing it do develop muscles.


4. The Narwhal

It’s a white whale alright, but one that is not usually seen or known too much, as his relatives. Its name is said to be in relation to its color, being referenced as a “corpse”. You may have also heard of it as the Moon Whale.


5. The Axolotl

Strange looking little guy, he’s a Mexican by birth and a common pet immigrant in countries such as USA, England, Australia or Japan. One of the small miracles of nature, it is a constant surprise and wonder for specialists around the world, due to their incredible capacity of regenerating body parts.


6. The Hagfish

The debate of it actually being a “fish” is still running. Also, the scientific community considers it one of the most disgusting types of fishes, because it produces a sort of slime that can determine to run away and hide even the most vicious of predators. This guy has a vermiform shape and the ability to tie itself in a know, while swimming, in order to clean itself from the slime, in case it produced it for some reason.


7. The Red Panda

Well, we all know the Panda Bear, but this little fellow looks almost like a larger cat. It inhabits the Himalayas in Nepal and is an herbivore creature that means no harm to anybody. Just like any other Panda, it eats bamboo and has the soles of its feet covered in fur to keep it warm. That’s so incredibly cute!


8. The Angora Rabbit

Somebody, somewhere, sometime did own an Angora sweater or coat. Actually, since this is the oldest type of domestic rabbit, a lot of people are familiar with its long, soft wool that was used to produce clothing since ages. They also make excellent pets since 1700 in Europe.


9. The Dumbo Octopus

We had a major luck with Walt Disney and his Dumbo character, as we found the best name for this little fellow, otherwise bound to anonymity. It is a small octopus that looks like having Dumbo ears but lives at such deep waters, it is a miracle somebody acknowledged its existence.


10. The Leafy – Seadragon

It’s a dragon with leaves. No, just kidding. Say it is like a seahorse but covered in leaves-like appendages that help it hide in plain sight from its predators, while looking like seaweed. This Aussie is protected by the Australian Government and leaves a pleasurable life in cold calm waters. strange_animals

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