10 Strange Sculptures

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Check out these strange and amazing sculptures from all around the world. Art is everywhere. Can you see it?

For its future Capitol Hill light-rail station, transit officials have hired Mike Ross, a young Brooklyn, N.Y., artist whose sculpture of tanker trucks — “Big Rig Jig” — was a highlight of last year’s Burning Man festival. Source

A mind blowing hyperrealistic sculpture by Ron Mueck.

There is no crisis. Look at this happy man!

A crocodile eating a capitalist, in Brooklyn, NY. Photo

New kids on the beach?

You can see this amazing sculpture in 5th Ave., Manhattan, NYC.

Hanging man in Wroclaw, Poland.

Designed by Pierre Vivant, “Traffic Light Tree” has 75 sets of traffic lights.
You can see it in London, UK. Photo

“At a distance of 18,000 km from the earth, the elephant Wursa could
balance on her trunk. It is on the basis of learned scientific calculations that
Daniel Firman reached this conclusion, and came above all
to produce this extraordinary work which confounds all our certainties regarding
the gravitation of bodies.” You can see it in Paris, France. Photo

The Magic Tap, real life illusion. You can see it in Cadiz, Spain.

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  1. The first sculpture is so great and the elephant very cool

  2. sharmapriyank87@gmail.com' priyank says:

    every thing is awesome this is the best site for passing time on internet.

  3. asblaze@poczta.onet.pl' blaze says:

    photo nr 7.
    It’s not Prague. It’s Wroclaw in Poland! Please correct it.

    Fixed. Thanks!

  4. These are not strange sculptures but awesome sculptures. Amazing…
    Thanks for nice posting,
    Soendoro Soetanto

  5. joe1234@gmail.com' Joe says:

    Awesome pics and very usefull artices

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