You know you’re lucky when you’ve got a friend who would walk through fire for you. There are many types of friends out there, but the best kind is the one who will love you and help you when you need it. There’s a saying that goes a bit like this: a friend will help you move, but a real friend will help you move bodies. While it may seem a bit extreme, the point is that a true friend will go out of their way to be there for you. Let’s take a look at 10 things a great friend will do for you.

10. Let You Use Their Facebook Account to Stalk Your Ex


You know you’ve got a good friend on your hands when they let you use their Facebook account so you can stalk your ex and their new fling. They love you enough to accept you and your insanity and they trust you with their password. Remember to thank them profusely and maybe even thrown in a chocolate muffin as a thank you.

9. House You When You’re Homeless


There are a few times in a person’s life when he or she needs support more than anything else. When you lose a job or can’t afford a place to stay, the friend who will let you crash on their couch for an indefinite time is a great friend. If you’ve got at least one like that in your life, then give them a call and thank them for being there for you.

8. Encourage You

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Isn’t it great when you’ve got someone around you who will encourage you to follow your dreams and support you in anything you do? Great friends are always going to do that and that’s exactly what makes them so great.

7. Bash Your Ex with You


We know that it’s not the prettiest thing to do, but whenever the situation requires it, a great friend will sit down with you and help you talk nasty about your ex. It’s just one of those things that need to happen once in a while. It helps you two bond and discover new curse words!

6. Help You Move


As we were saying in the beginning of our article, a friend will help you move, but a real friend will help you move bodies. Hopefully that will never be the case, but if it does happen, it’s great to know that you can count on someone to help you remove the blood stains from the carpet.

5. Keep Your Secrets


This is probably one of the best things a great friend will do for you. A great friend who would keep all your secrets is quite hard to find, because there are many people out there who are practically incapable of keeping secrets. Most people, when they’re told they need to not tell anyone about your secret, will automatically believe that their significant other is not included. You know the type that say oh, but he’s my boyfriend and he would never tell anyone!

4. Pet Sitting

pet sitting

A great friend will have no problem doing some pet sitting or house sitting, for that matter. It’s great having someone whom you can bring over to your house for a couple of days while you’re out soaking the sun somewhere. Everyone needs a friend who would do that for them.

3. Help You Clean After a Party

messy party

There are two types of party goers: the ones who will help the host clean the house after the party and the ones who won’t. Needless to say that a great friend will always stick around and help you clean up the mess, even if they’re a bit drunk and sleepy. If you’ve got friends like that, consider yourself blessed.

2. Be a Wingman


A wingman, or a wingperson, to be more politically correct, is the person who will hang out with you and help you score a date. They’ll praise you to the person you’re trying to woo and then they’ll leave when you’ve sealed the deal and let you enjoy the rest of the evening with your new fling. Only a true friend can be a wingperson!

1. Tell You When You’re Wrong


Nobody needs people around them who will lie to you, just to keep up appearances. A great friend will tell you to your face when you’re wrong about something. They will tell you when you’re talking nonsense and they won’t be afraid to stand up to you. Always search for people who are not afraid to speak the truth.

Are you lucky enough to a have great friend to do any of these things? Do you agree with these things a great friend will do? If you’d like to add something, feel free to comment below, we’d love to hear from you.