love in eyes

Men and women want the same things in a relationship: respect, love and good communication. That’s the gist of it, anyway. But even if when all those things are met, it doesn’t mean that the relationship is a good relationship. There are other things, much smaller, that will let you know if you are indeed in a good relationship. The small things that we sometimes don’t even think about, that we take for granted more often than not. These are the small things that will hit you once in a blue moon and will make you smile when you see your partner doing them. Let’s take a look at 10 things that will tell you you’re in a good relationship.

10. Your Friends Like Them

suspicious friends

You know you’ve hit it big when your significant other isn’t just tolerated by your friends, but when they’re actually liked by them. They won’t always tell you if they don’t like them, but you’ll know… you’ll always know. Mostly from their reactions when you announce that you’ll be bringing them along.

9. You Enjoy the Same Foods

creme soup

Liking the same things doesn’t ensure that your relationship will last, that’s a very immature concept, but when it comes to food, it’s very important. You know you’re in a good relationship when you both enjoy eating junk food at 2AM in the morning, or when you both crave the latest oil-free, gluten-free crème soup from that new raw vegan place from across the street.

8. They Don’t Bore You…

bored man

… most of the time. It’s almost impossible, nay… it is impossible to find someone who never bores you, but a sign that you’re in a good relationship is when your partner almost never bores you. When they talk, you genuinely listen to them and you’re interested in what they have to say.

7. You Feel Comfortable Being Naked Around Them

socks on the floor

Feeling comfortable while naked is no easy feat, for men or women.  So when you’re in a relationship where you feel comfortable enough not just to be naked with them, but to walk around naked, in broad daylight, you know you’re in a good relationship.

6. Compromising Doesn’t Suck


With the wrong person, making a compromise can feel like the worst thing you can do in a relationship. But if you’re in a good relationship with the right person, then compromising should be a nice and easy way to deal with any issues that might arise.

5. Running Errands is Fun

couple shopping

When something as mundane and boring as going grocery shopping feels like fun, then you’re in a good relationship. It’s not because grocery shopping is fun, because it never is, but it’s because spending time with them, in any circumstances, makes you happy. So, if buying toilet paper with your significant other doesn’t make you feel like you want to shed your skin, then you’ve got a good thing going.

4. You’ve Settled Who Does What Around the House

freddie vacuum cleaner

Nobody wants to pick up after their partner, man or woman. That is why, it’s good you set some ground rules at the beginning of the relationship. If you and your partner both have your chores set out and you’re happy with that, then you’re in a mature and satisfying relationship. I, for one, could cook until the end of time, but I would never vacuum, not even if my life depended on it!

3. Your Free Time Activities Don’t Clash


If you want to hang around the house in your jammies and eat ice cream straight from the bowl during your free time and your partner wants to go hiking, then you know that you’re not quite on the same page. This  could mean trouble in paradise. If your free time activities don’t clash, clearly they’re a keeper!

2. The Feeling You Get When You Look at Them Sleeping

woman sleeping

Watching someone sleep and the feeling you get while doing it will tell you a lot about the type of relationship you’re in. When you’re next to someone who’s sleeping, you don’t need to fake anything, it’s just you looking at them. Do you feel like you want to poke them in the eye and then pretend you’re sleeping? Or do you want to kiss their face and stay forever next to them?

1. They Look at You with Love in Their Eyes

love in eyes

This may sound corny, but have you ever caught your significant other looking at you with so much love that it showed in their eyes? If you have, then you are in a good relationship. Congratulations! But remember, love isn’t everything in a relationship., You need to be respectful and nurturing. You need to know what you want from your partner and the relationship. You need to work at a good relationship, because nobody said it was easy!

Are you in a good relationship? What other things would you like to share with us that you think let you know you’re in a good relationship? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.