Valentine’s Day can be pretty brutal if you’re not dating or seeing someone; especially if you would like to be dating or seeing someone. What is there to do? You simply can’t let this holiday affect you more than it should. It shouldn’t get you down but unfortunately most of times it does, if you don’t have a significant other to spend it with. Well, if you’re wondering what do to if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day we’ve got 10 things you can do that will make you truly enjoy this day. Remember that it’s just one day and that if you are looking for love, most likely it is looking for you too.

10. Bake


Invite a few friends over and cook some Valentine’s Day recipes and then eat them all! This is a great day to indulge and treat yourself to something delicious. We suggest you try the red velvet cupcakes and the chocolate éclairs. You’ll spend some time making them, but once they’re done, you’ll be in heaven.

9. Sleep


Come home from work, have a hot bath, a glass of wine and then retreat to the bedroom with a good book and fall asleep. 12 hours of sleep never hurt anyone and imagine how refreshed and brand new you’ll feel on Saturday morning. Valentine’s Day won’t trouble you when you’re sleeping.

8. Exercise/ Go for a Hike


Why not spend some more time in the gym on this day? There will be less people than on ordinary days, so you’ll get the all the machines you want, then you want them. If you hate the idea of staying cooked up in a room on a day like this, then go for a hike or ride your bike. Physical exercise is a great way to cheer up.

7. Go out with Single Friends


Call all your single friends and have a night out; the bigger the crowd, the better. After a few beers and a few toasts on how awful Valentine’s Day is, you’ll feel much better. A good night out on the town will erase all memories of the previous day and also give you a hell of a hangover the next one. But hey, it’s all worth it!

6. Go to a Singles Party


Although it doesn’t sure look like it, bars and restaurants take care of single people on Valentine’s Day by organizing Singles Parties. Put your Sunday best on and go to one, maybe you’ll meet someone and if you don’t, you’ll have a blast hanging out with people who are single too. Ask around to find out which places throw the best Singles Parties

5. Volunteer


What do to if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day? Stop moping around and start helping others. Why spend the entire day indoors thinking about how much Valentine’s Day sucks, when you can go out, find a place which could use your help and go there and make your time count. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or at a hospital, there are dozens of things you could do!

4. Work


Nothing can take your mind off things like work. Immerse yourself in your work and you’ll completely forget about love. Time flies when you work so close your Facebook and open those files that need looking at. Before you know it, Valentine’s Day is all gone.

3. Have a TV Series Marathon


This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, which is perfect because you’ve got all evening to waste and what better way to do it than to catch up on your favorite TV series? Or better yet, you can watch a show that you’ve wanted to watch for a long time and didn’t have the time. 6 episodes of Breaking Bad in a row sound wonderful!

2. Share Your Love with a Pet


If you feel alone on Valentine’s Day, then you should remember that there are other souls that are less fortunate than you – the abandoned pets. Go to your local shelter and spend the day with them. If you can’t adopt or you don’t want to adopt, volunteer to walk a dog or simply pet the animals and share the love you have inside with them. I doubt it that you will be able to leave the place without taking one home with you. If you do, you won’t be alone for the next Valentine’s Day.

1. Consume Alcoholic Beverages with Your Best Friend


That’s the nice way of saying Get Loaded with a Friend. Go to your best friend’s house with a few beers or a bottle of wine and start drinking. You’ll probably end up having a better time than you would have had with a lover. Nothing compares with the intoxicated giggles of your best friend trying to tell you for the 5th time about that time when they went to that party and hooked up with that person.

What do to if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day? We hope we’ve provided with the answer or at least with an idea that will help you get over the explosion of red hearts and candy on this dreaded day. If you have an idea you would like to share with us, do so in the comment section below.