10 Things We Hate About Camping-2

There are two types of people in the world: the ones who love camping and the ones who hate camping. Almost every point in our article today can be debunked by a person who loves camping: you can’t sleep in we say, butwhy would you want to sleep in on such a lovely day? they say. Still, we don’t like camping and we thought of sharing our 10 things we hate about camping with you in the hope of amusing those who share our view of camping and warning those lucky few who have never been camping. Also, don’t forget your natural mosquito repellents, you know you can’t leave the house without something to ward off those blood suckers!

10. It’s Cold!cold

Unless you’re going camping at the seaside or in the desert (where you will be hot during the daytime and that’s about it) then you are going to inevitably be cold inside your tent and during your whole camping experience. If you’re really unlucky, then you’re going to be cold and wet, but hey, you’re loving the outdoors, aren’t you?

9. Your Back Ends Up Hurting Inevitablyback pain

Man was made to sleep on rough surfaces… a few thousand years ago, but ever since our backs have felt the sweet comfort of mattresses, they no longer can accept the ground as a sleeping surface. If you’ve never slept on the ground, we will guarantee that you will feel every single bone in your back. Not only that, but you’ll feel them trying to pierce through your skin.

8. Campfirescampfire

Campfires and campfire songs are fun when you’re a kid and you’re seeing the world and your surroundings for the first time with new eyes. You get to stay up late, meet new people your age and tell scary stories. But when you’re an adult, campfires can annoy the pants off you: move too far and you get cold, move too close and you’ll burn your face. Your face gets covered up in soot and your beer gets warm. What is there to like?

7. There is Never Any Cellphone SignalCellphone Signal

Not getting any cellphone signal while camping is as sure as eggs is eggs. I mean, I barely get any signal in my tiny bathroom, how do you expect to get a cellphone signal in the middle of nowhere? To make sure you can actually get a whiff of a signal, get your old Nokia brick out when going camping.

6. You Can’t Sleep Well in a Tentcan't sleep well

It’s so nice to sleep in inside a tent said no person ever. I mean, you’ve got the sun waking you up at 6 o’clock in the morning and if you’re camping in the summer it will start to get hot at around 7-8 when it will be totally uncomfortable for you to sit inside the tent. Doesn’t a vacation imply relaxing and sleeping in?

5. Tents are a Big Old Messtents

One of the things we hate about camping is the fact that tents are a big old mess. They’re always shaky and no matter how good of a brad of tent you’ve got, they still need readjusting after a pale of wind. Inside the tent there will inevitably be sand, dirt and insects that will blend beautifully with your clothes and food.

4. It’s Boringforest

Well, you’re there! You’ve set up your tent, you’ve eaten and now it’s time to do a little hiking and admire the surroundings. That’s great, but it can get old and boring quite quickly. If you’re not really an outdoorsy type of person, camping will definitely be the most boring and uncomfortable experience of your life.

3. Poisonous Plants, Bugs and Dangerous Animalsspider on tent

The above picture is not meant to scare you into never going camping. It merely presents the truth about camping and its potential. Not to mention the lovely bears and various stinging bugs that await you in the forest or in the mountains. We’re not even going to say anything about poison ivy!

2. The Little Stoves Take Forevercamping stove

If there’s one thing there should be plenty of during your vacation is food. Nobody likes to go hiking on an empty stomach, but when you go camping, you’ll get fed up with the food pretty quickly. Especially with those tiny little stoves that take forever to cook your food and run out of gas after a couple of hours. Say good bye to hot meals and hello to cans when going camping!

1. It’s Dirtycamping is dirty

Going camping is not a squeaky clean experience! It’s downright dirty! You get dirty when you try to enter the tent, you get dirty when you try to exit the tent, you get dirty when you put your boots on… you get the picture. Oh, did we mention that there’s no shower or running water unless you’re going to a designated camping area?

Do you agree with these things we hate about camping? Do you love or hate it? Care to share an experience that has made you loathe camping? Drop us a line in the comment section below.