Summer’s been gone for a while now and it’s not going to come back for another half year, sad thought, isn’t it? Those sexy summer dresses seem so far away, the heat of the sun and the smell of hot pavement – how we miss summer. We’re not saying winter’s all that bad. It’s not, really. We’ve got snow, Christmas and sitting in our warm homes with a hot tea in our hands. But if you live in the city, then you’ve also got dirty slushy snow, waiting for the bus when the temperatures cannot support human life and having to use a lantern in a dark alley at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. But let’s not talk about that anymore; let’s see what we miss most about summer!

10. The Clothes


Sexy summer dresses, casual linen pants, sandals (oh, sandals), flimsy t-shirts – need we go on? You can actually feel like you can breathe properly in the summer, whereas in the winter, this natural reflex seems to be hindered by bulky clothes. I mean, it takes a good 10 minutes just to put on all those layers before going out of the house!

9. Bathing in the Sea


The sea really does make everything better, doesn’t it? There aren’t enough vacation days for the working soul, as it is, but it sure feels nice to take a 10-day break from work, doing nothing except working on your tan and swimming in the warm water. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t stare at their vacation photos in the dead of winter with a tear in the corner of the eye?

8. Outdoor Bars


There’s nothing like going to an outdoor bar after finishing work in the dead of summer. Complain all you want about your job and how your boss just doesn’t seem to understand you, but at least you’ve got the beer and the warmth. Now picture yourself going to a bar in January, after having had to wrestle the snow and puddles… we know.

7. Concerts


Oh, how we miss the open-air concerts! Nothing says summer like a rock concert on a meadow outside the city – beer, dirt and good music. It’s heaven, isn’t it? Sure, you can go to indoor concerts in the winter, but it’s not the same, is it?

6. The Warm Nights


Warm summer nights and the cool breeze – how can one not miss the living daylights out of that?! You can go out, have a drink, take a walk in the park and not have to be burdened by four pounds of coat. Everything just seems to be better in the summer, doesn’t it?

5. The Scorching Heat


We never thought we’d say it, but we miss the scorching heat. It made you feel sticky and uncomfortable, but the cold makes you feel uncomfortable, numb and frustrated. We can’t wait to go out, in July in the midday sun and simply bake our bones and let the heat consume us. OK, we’re taking this too far, aren’t we?

4. Seeing the Sunset after 7 PM


It just doesn’t seem natural for the sun to set at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. There’s something deeply wrong with that and we’re puzzled every time we look outside, notice that it’s dark and we’re still at work. People simply seem to have more options in the summer and more time to do what they want.

3. Laughing


We know how silly it is to have put laughter on a list of things we miss about summer, of course people still laugh in the winter time. Don’t they? They do, but people seem to do it more often in the summer time. A cool summer day can bring a smile on your face and make even the grumpiest of men say well, at least the weather’s nice.

2. The Scents


God, summer is a roller-coaster of scents. You’ve got the trees, flower, dust, warmth, rain, pavement all rolled up into one big nose full of bliss. You’ve also got sweaty crowds of people – but hey, nobody’s perfect. Although summer gets pretty close!

1. That Damn Sun


Of course there’s sun in the winter, but it’s not the same. The winter sun is the summer sun’s awkward and jobless second cousin who’s come to visit one evening and now nobody seems to be able to get rid of him. He’s a nice person and all, but he doesn’t have that glitter in his eye, the one that requires sunglasses.