Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, so you don’t really need reasons to visit Amsterdam. But if you’re planning a visit, let me tell you that it’s not cheap. The accommodation will pretty much bankrupt you and if you enjoy a drink or two, prepare some serious cash, because a beer is quite expensive. We here at 10Awesome love Amsterdam and everything about it and we thought we would help you develop the same feelings for it. That is why we made this list about things you can do in Amsterdam almost for free. Read on and enjoy!

10. Cycle Around Town


The Dutch love their bicycles and love to cycle everywhere they go – be it to work, school or to the local pub. The first thing that shocks you when you go to Amsterdam is not the smell of weed wafting out of bars or the almost naked women in the windows of the Red District, but how many people are getting around on their bikes! Join them and see the real Amsterdam.

9. Visit Squats


Squats are abandoned buildings that have been occupied by people. In the evening there are concerts and events and the beer is insanely cheap (around 2 Euros). But if you don’t even have that money, you can simply volunteer for them and they’ll give you free food and drinks. That’s pretty awesome, don’t you think?

8. See Windmills


The Netherlands is famous for its windmills and Amsterdam has a few great one right there in the middle of the city. For example, you can visit the brewery inside Het Ij Bewerij for free. This windmill is one of the oldest windmills in the city and if you get hungry or thirsty, there is a bar downstairs.

7. See Parts of Exhibitions for Free


The Museums in Amsterdam are amazing, the Van Gogh will touch your heart in ways you didn’t think possible, but they’re also a little bit expensive. Instead, why don’t you try some free exhibitions inside some museums? We highly recommend the Eye Film Museum and the Amsterdam History Museum – they always have something free for the visitors.

6. Have a Picnic in Vondelpark


If the weather allows, why don’t you have a picnic in Amsterdam largest park? Make a few sandwiches at home and get a couple of cheap beers from the local supermarket and you’re good to go! If the weather is really nice and warm you can even dip your feet in the water and get a tan. One of the many things you can do in Amsterdam!

5. Visit the Flower Market


The Flower Market is a must see attraction whether or not you’ve got money to spend. Feast your eyes on every color tulip known to man. If you can spare a couple of Euros, you can get a few bulbs and bring home with you. They make excellent gifts for parents… and they’re cheap!

4. King’s Day


Koningsdag or King’s Day is the most colorful festivities in the Netherlands. If you find yourself in Amsterdam towards the end of April (the 26th of April 2014, to be more precise), then let yourself be drawn in the madness. You’ll have fun, take awesome picture and meet plenty of new people.

3. You Can Ride the Ferry on the Ij Canal


Ridign the Ferry across the Ij Canal is free and it’s a great way to get a snapshot of North Amsterdam and the Central Station. Don’t expect a hell of a ride, it lasts around 10 minutes and it’s quite uneventful, but you get to see how the locals are doing it. Did we mention that it’s free? Yes, we did!

2. Admire Half-Naked Gorgeous Women


Amsterdam is most famous for its weed and the Red Light District. This district is located in the center of Amsterdam and if you dare visit it at night you’ll get to see plenty of half-naked gorgeous women. One thing you need to know is that you can’t take any pictures, so leave your camera at home. Looking doesn’t cost a cent, remember that!

1. Smoke Weed


OK, this one costs money, but if you came to Amsterdam, then you might have a little money put aside. If not for weed, then for what?! Go to a coffee shop and ask the barkeep for advice they’ll recommend something to you. If it’s your first time smoking weed, then tell them that. Relax and enjoy yourself!

Did you find our things you can do in Amsterdam useful? Do you have any more tips you would like to share with us and our readers? If you do drop us a line!