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Swapping is a modern trade that in the last years became a new Eldorado. It is basically a barter agreement between people who exchange different types of objects depending on their needs. Lately, these swapping communities grew to impressive numbers and gathering people from across the entire world. From art works to clothes, houses and services, swapping announces a new revolution in terms of permanently changing and exchanging, a constant contact to the outside world and a virtually unlimited access to free goods. It may be used as a very efficient marketing tool and a great way to meet new people. So let’s see ten of the most common swapping trends and the communities that created them.

1. Art

It is maybe the most “in fashion” swapping activity. Artists wanting to let the world know about their work and helping others like them to be known gathered in these large and strong communities, exchanging works of art and building a name for themselves. Swap-art is one of the biggest sites where artists can share their works with the world.


2. Automotive

This is not a joke, people actually swap for car parts, cars entirely, in car entertainment, mopeds, mini-scooters and almost anything you can think of. Why? It is definitely cheaper, environment – friendly and efficient. Don’t worry they will bury the automotive industry, this won’t happen anytime soon. In UK, one of the largest communities for automotive swapping can be found on Swapz.


3. Style

From clothes to lip glosses, people swap almost anything. Did you receive a perfume as a gift but you don’t like it and you don’t want to throw it away either? Swap it for a perfume you like or a pair of boots you wished for a long time. It actually is quite simple once you figure out how the system works. A good sine for style swapping but not limited to is Swapit


4. Electronics

Yes, you can trade your photo camera for a different one, or refrigerator for a laptop. SwapAce, for instance, gather people from United States to Australia, and everybody has something to offer.


5. Multi – Media

Let’s talk about old video and audio cassettes, CD’s or DVD’s. Have too many? Want something new? That’s alright, because this market is so large, one cannot comprehend it in only a day. There are literally thousands of offers and all you have to do is ask for something and give back something. The TitleTrader, although it presents itself as a leader in paperback swaps, it’s better to use for CD’s and DVD’s, because as books go, the competition is powerful.


6. Books

Now this is a fast developing market. The principles are the same, but the possibilities, endless. The Bookmooch is maybe the best know, but there are others too, in the UK and all over Europe. You may think that this type of trade, like all those mentioned before, will result in a decrease of buying new stuff, but it’s not the case, as an author can reach a public he never dreamed of before. And getting a swap book may convince a reader to buy the next writer’s novel.


7. Home decorations

Basically, all major swap sites and communities trade for pretty much everything, but there are some places you can find good products such as furniture, house supplies, home accessories and others. One type of similar site is Swapstyle, where you can find anything from clothes, to couch pillows, towels, kitchen supplied and very interesting furniture.


8. Sports and Outdoor

Want a new camping gear or some comfortable sleeping bags? Have some sports equipment you don’t use anymore? The swapping fashion extended quite rapidly among sports and outdoor passionate and this too is a growing market, as Swap fully shows it, as you can also find there people with the same hobbies and a large community you can exchange not only products but ideas and advice.


9. Houses

You can swap places to stay during your holidays, you just have to find your match. This is not only great for people to find free accommodation, but also find new friends and connections. Knok is one of those sites where you can find swap homes in over 100 countries.


10. Services

These services may range from haircuts to children care, business consulting services to graphic design, guitar lessons for squash lessons and anything else you can think of. SwapRight gathers a lot of people from around the world and you can’t even begin to imagine what people want and are willing to offer.


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