people at job interview

It’s tempting to go to any job interview, in the shortest time, but any mistake can cost you that chance. Regardless of how confident you are in yourself, there is always the risk of issuing some statements that will eliminate you from the race.

Candidates must prepare carefully, speak from experience in the interview and be aware of the does and don’ts.

So, here are ten things you should never say during an interview. And if you think these are strange things to say, trust us when we tell you that these lines are used too often.

1. My former boss was a moron

Never speak badly about your evil ex- boss, especially in front of a potential employer, you will demonstrate a lack of professionalism. Do not talk about your past in terms of negative experiences involving harsh words about a person who is not present or a particular job.

2. How much money do I get? When can I take a vacation?

Never ask about salary details during the interview. Your employer shall bring this issue into the discussion without your “help”. Only after he brings into question salary and benefits, you can ask any questions related to the topic.

3. I’m sorry, I’m very nervous

Your employer already knows that candidates feel nervous during a job interview. If you make such statements during a job interview, do not use emotions like an apology. Talk with care and confidence.

4. Sir, I need this job to pay my debts

Your employer would want to believe that you are looking for a job in order to have a job. Do not go into financial details. No need to show him that you are in a desperate situation.

5. I want this job to fulfill my dream: to become a CEO

Even though it is important to advance in your career, you should not show your employer that you want to use the respective function to advance in the hierarchy. Employers want to know to what extent you can help their company – not to what extent the company can help you.

6. I need a flexible schedule that fits exactly with my business from home

Many employers are not fans of extra-work activities of employees, knowing that such activities distract from the job full-time. Employers expect you to make proof of maximum involvement at the office. Even if you do have your own business, this is not the place to mention it.

7. What does your company do? I don’t recall

Get information about the company you want to work for. Make sure you’re familiar with its values and achievements. The last thing you need is to look unprepared during a job interview.

8. I’m sorry, I do not remember what I did during my period of practice

As a candidate, you must provide details of your experience in your resume. Employers will ask you about any period of practice and previous jobs. Be prepared to talk about the accomplishments of each stage of your experience, skills acquired on the way.

9. Wait a minute. For that job did I apply?

Before applying for a job, make sure that you fit the description of the job announcement. During the interview, you will be asked to explain how you fit the job. If you are unclear about the position, settle them with the employer.

10. I don’t have any questions. I understand everything

It is a common practice to be asked by your potential employer at the end of an interview if you have any questions. Human resources experts advise you to think of some in due time, in order to show interest. It is impossible not to find something, how insignificant, which you can asks. Ask him about the reasons that led the previous employer leave or the company’s involvement in various social projects.

By avoiding these mistakes, you will put yourself one step ahead of the interview. It is very easy to make a mistake. However, as long as you have confidence in yourself and use specific information to your advantage, you significantly increase your chances of getting a job.