10 Timeless Fashion Items

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Any fashion designer secretly dreams to create a piece of clothing, footwear or accessories that would stand the test of time and become an item that is and will be forever worn without ever getting “old fashioned”. Some designers achieved this goal, as, in the same way as architects do, they conceived and created a form of art that no time, no present and no future can and will destroy their legacy. Fashion is a superficial lover, coming and going and not setting its mind on something, always in the search for the best next thing. However, even fashion can take a bow in front of some creations that will not only wear forever their designers’ name, but will be worn for generations and generations. So let’s see ten of these items that are just as fashionable as they were at their birth time.

1. The Birkin Hermes Bag

No matter the color, no matter who wears it, you will recognize The Birkin. It may cost a fortune – sometimes around $150.000 and there is always a waiting list for it, but it became universal and didn’t got out of fashion not even for a day.


2. Loubutin Shoes

You say designer shoes, you say Loubutin. No matter the trends, no matter the high speed we live our life at, women around the world will recognize a pair of Louboutins and will always crave for them, as they are now, as they alwaysh have been, a trademark for style and good taste.


3. Floral head piece

It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding, a chic cocktail party or just a special occasion, the floral head piece is something that will always praise femininity from the ancient goddesses to the modern women.


4. Wide brimmed hat

Sweet, isn’t it? From Hollywood divas to your girl next door, any woman wore one, or wished to, at least.  The wide brimmed hat go well with summer outfits, fancy suits and even evening dresses. It will always be a trademark for chic, fashionable and fun.


5. Little black dress

Well, this isn’t something that requires future explanations. Every woman should have at least one in her wardrobe. Always in fashion, perfect to be accessorized with almost anything, the little black dress will make any woman look like she just descended from the cover of a magazine.


6. The UGG boots

In fashion since the dawn of time, the UGGs are now so fashionable, they can be worn in summer, too! They are light, easy to handle, incredibly worm and they conquered not only the hearts of everyday women around the world, but those of movie stars too!


7. The Mullet dress

Remember the November Rain video from Guns’n’Roses? The bride had a mullet dress that made women all over the world to want to get married in one? Almost set a trend in brides’ dresses? Well, that is what the mullet dress does: wins a woman’s heart and never lets it go.


8. The Chanel two-piece suite

The collarless jacket with color contrasting margins, assorted to an over-the-knee long skirt changed the history of fashion and the evolution of women everywhere, freeing them of the restraining corsets and giving them the liberty to move easier. Coco Chanel was just one, an icon and a symbol in the fashion industry, while her suits still remain a trademark for classy and fabulous, just as any woman should be.


9. The Burberry trench coat

Do you have a particular image in your head about a trench coat that looks spectacular, comes in light color and is so brilliantly simple that it became an icon? That image is of a Burberry trench coat. Since 1879, the year when Thomas Burberry created this piece of art, ten buttons on two rows trench coat is an item that will never go out of fashion.


10. Ray Ban sunglasses

What can we say? They are and forever will be hot, badass, exciting. Often associated with world-known faces in the entertainment industry, these sunglasses will turn any man into a very attractive object of interest…


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