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We would all like to be skinnier, taller, have softer skin and a perfect smile. Accepting yourself the way you are has become a real challenge in a society that promotes the ideal woman. But the reality is that only a few of us could become a cover girl, while the rest need tricks to look better. Here are some useful tips on how to look skinnier.

1. Wearing high heels

In any situation, heels will elongate your figure, making you look thinner. However, you should choose your shoes carefully: say “no” to sandals with an ankle strap and do not wear heels higher than 10 cm, especially if you’re not used to. Looking skinnier will not make other not notice your and discomfort when you walk.

2. Show some cleavage

If you want to highlight your waist, do not forget your sexy bra. Besides the fact that it will highlight the shape of your breasts, it will soften the contours of your body, giving you a much-envied hourglass figure.

Remember: it’s important to choose the right bra for the size and shape of your breasts.

3. Choose the right size

Just because you want to seem skinnier in certain situations, it does not mean you have to wear smaller clothes. Unsuitable jeans can make you look even more voluptuous and a blouse always plays tricks and rises above the hips, will emphasize just what you want to hide.

4. Wear a corset under your clothes … and not only

The past century beauties never went out without a corset and counted on its irresistible effect: compressing waist to suffocation, emphasizing hips and breasts. Today, the corset has exceeded its authority and can be often seen in unusual combinations with a skirt, leather pants or even a tutu. So, it is an investment for both a slim appearance and an extravagant one.

Remember: tighten the corset just enough to allow you to breathe freely.

5. Be the “little black princess”

Black is always in trend! This color can make you look skinnier in almost any situation. However, don’t believe that if you wear black clothes, the extra pounds will disappear like magic: texture, shade of black and cut are equally important.

It is also essential to not abuse black clothes, for obvious reasons. Even if you opt for a little black dress or a two-piece suit, accessorize with earrings or a necklace.

6. Choose your ideal angle

Did you know that at some point Mariah Carey asked to be photographed only from her right angle? The singer motivated her claim with some personal feng shui principles (yes, it’s ridiculous), but photographs have quickly realized that she actually wanted to look skinnier.

Follow her example and practice in the mirror your best poses.

7. Try slimming underwear

Do not think of something that will make you lose pound by excessive sweating. Unlike traditional corsets, they cover buttocks, abdomen, hips and thighs, giving your body a new shape, sleek and compact. Slim corsets are usually made from 100% cotton with lycra and nylon-little silky texture.

8. Get a tan

A tan makes you look skinnier and more supple. Do not overdo assuming that a tan will save you from a diet and fitness! Summer is a good opportunity to treat yourself with a portion of sun.

9. Wear a waist belt

A simple belt worn around the waist can radically change your body shape, as it will create the appearance of an hourglass silhouettes. This trick is common among celebrities with voluptuous forms.

You can accessorize many outfits with one strap. At work, wear a midi dress that follows the body line and add a wide belt at the waist, a jacket and a pair of arched heels. In the evening, wear a thin belt, possibly golden or metal, which you will undoubtedly emphasize your body.

10. Shape your silhouette with prints

You can create the impression of a slimmer silhouette with a suitable print. Surely you know very well that both vertical striped clothes and those oriented diagonally create a lengthening effect, so count on clothing with stripes. Avoid too wide or multi-colored stripes and choose instead classic clothes with black and white stripes.

It is well known that overweight women are recommended to wear small prints, so do not be afraid to wear clothes with floral prints. The same rule applies animal imprint. You can wear it as long as it is small and comes in a cut suitable for your shapes.