10 Types of Tattoos People Usually Ask For

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From the “I love you, Mary” simple, blue and often useless tattoo (especially if the guy finds another woman who’s not called Mary), to the more complex, powerful, meaningful or just funny tattoos, people have an ancient desire to embellish their bodies with drawings that make a statement, say something about themselves or their experience. Sometimes, a tattoo marks an important event in one’s life, becomes a symbol and an icon to be proud of. It marks the belonging to something bigger, to something with a deeper understanding or, in most of the cases, it symbolizes a state of mind or an attitude. No matter the reason people are fascinated with these drawings, be they abstract or veritable works of art, one thing is certain: the tattoo era is not dead. So let’s see the ten most common tattoos people go for.

1. Zodiac Signs

Many people are proud of their zodiac sign, being convinced that it definitely represents them or show what a special person he or she is. The Zodiac signs come in different shape and models and many of them are actually quite beautiful.


2. Tribal

These ask for a lot of work and a deep sense of art from the designer. These tattoos are not only spectacular in looks, be they large or restricted to narrow portions of the skin, but they also are meaningful to their owners.


3. The Japanese

Japan is certainly a country that fascinates us with a long history and a culture we can only dream of knowing in depth. There is no wonder, thus, that many people choose a Japanese illustration, to mark a change, to make a statement or to impress the audience with its beauty. When it is well done, a Japanese tattoo is something to be proud of and wear in plain sight.


4. The Chinese letters

Famous for their multiple symbolic features, a Chinese letter is usually the first choice for those who want to express in only one word or symbol an entire area of feelings, statements, actions or personality traits.


5. Celtic

The Celts are surrounded by a powerful mythology and a fascinating history. The intricate drawings that people go for when asking for a tattoo are often real pieces of art.


6. Fire

This is a powerful symbol since the beginning of time. Those who choose fire (in various combinations) to show on their skin, are usually strong independent personalities with something to say.


7. Maori

Very complex drawings, or works of art, actually, the Maori tattoos hold within them powerful symbols and emerge from ancient traditions. They are indeed beautiful, when skillfully created.


8. Angels or demons or both

Why would one choose to have an angel, or a demon for that matter, tattooed on their skin? To make a statement? To prove something? These types of tattoos are quite easy to be found on people intensely preoccupied by the good or evil nature of things.


9. Dragons

It may have been the book or the movie, but the dragon tattoos are quite in fashion nowadays, if there was a fashion to begin with. Who doesn’t love dragons anyway?


10. Skulls and skeletons

Powerful images, usually associated with a strong, rough personality, one that definitely makes a statement and is not shy in showing that to the world.


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