helpless woman

A lot has changed in advertising in the past thirty years. We’ve grown up, it seems, and we’ve started giving women a lot more credit. Look at what incredibly sexist ads they were coming up with in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s! Still, there are some commercials today that seem to be stuck in those Mad Men days. They’re very sexist, degrading to women, and downright silly and people don’t seem to mind all that much. Today we’re going to take a look at ten types of women in commercials, because gender stereotyping is always a fun way to pass the time!

10. The Cleaning Freak

woman cleaning

Women are almost always chosen for advertising cleaning products. It’s one of the most common stereotypes in advertising: that only women clean the house (and should do it). The woman in question is always over 30, is fully clothed and seems very happy with her role. We think hell will freeze over until this stereotype is smashed.

9. The One with the Perfect Face

flawless skin

The woman with a flawless face selling other women cosmetic products should be trusted because of her flawless face, right? It’s almost unbelievable that people still fall for this! It’s insulting on every level and ad agencies should start making ads for smarter people, because this won’t last for long. People are smartening up!

8. The Vamp

party woman

Sex sells! The Vamp almost always advertises products for men. She is beautiful, sexy and mysterious and that is the only reason why men take her seriously. This also reinforces the stereotype that only beautiful women have something interesting to say. If you disagree, share your thoughts in the comment section.

7. The Thin-Slim

slim woman

The slim and attractive woman advertising for slimming bars and healthy cereals is damaging on so many levels. She promotes not only a product, but a lifestyle. Almost all weight loss products shown on TV are targeted towards women. They are the ones who are supposed to want to be slim; women are expected to always watch what they eat, which is sad beyond repair.

6. The Cook

woman cooking

If there is a person cooking in an advertisement, then if they are a chef, they are inevitably a man. If they’re not a professional, then they are a woman and the cooking is done in a household. Women can’t seem to get out of the kitchen in commercials and the agencies don’t seem to want to do anything about it.

5. The Housewife

washing machine

Women in commercials are mostly housewives. They cook and clean and that’s what they’re good at. This debilitating gender stereotype should disappear as soon as possible, but chances are we’re stuck with it for another 40 years. I want to see a man being sad that he can’t seem to get rid of a stain on window… Because I don’t know any woman who would be sad because of that!

4. The Happy Woman

carefree woman

You all know them! The women who are advertising hygiene pads and tampons all look like they’re on ecstasy and about to burst into flames from all the happiness. To be frank, I’ve never felt that happy wearing Always, and I feel like I’ve been cheated a bit. Men and advertising agencies everywhere, take notice: being able to keep our menstrual blood in place does not cause us to run to the hills and sing songs of joy.

3. The Party Girl

sexy bartender

The party girl will sell us a variety of products ranging from alcohol to hygiene pads. She’s attractive, with friends and is inviting you to join her. She can make cotton swabs look fun and that’s what’s bothersome about this stereotype.

2. The Advice Taker

helpless woman

There are some commercials that use the stereotype of the helpless woman ever so often. She is helped by a man, of course. She doesn’t know how to get out of a pickle with a dirty floor or a soiled dress. Of course, a man shows up in shining armor to help soothe her worried mind and hand her a new detergent that will alter her existence.

1. The Mother


The Mother in commercials is nurturing, happy and caring. She is used in a plethora of adverts, from nappies to healthy chocolate bars and detergents. Just because she has children, then we should all trust her choices, because as we all know mothers know best. What’s truly annoying about this is that we rarely see a father take on his role in commercials.

Are you bothered by gender targeted advertising? Do you agree with gender stereotyping in commercials? Do you think women in commercials should be given other roles than this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.