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These days everybody seems to know a thing or two about nutrition, but what we don’t know is that sometimes, we might be wrong. There are so many foods out there that we believe to be good for us, when it fact they aren’t. A while back we talked about some essential vitamins our bodies need to stay healthy and now it’s time we took a look at some unhealthy foods that everyone thinks are healthy.

10. Pastapasta

The bad thing about pasta is that it is empty of anything except calories. They are made from white flour, which is made by stripping the wheat from its bran, which contains plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals. By doing this, the flour looks better, but it is void of any benefits. If you can’t give up pasta, try to get the type made from whole flour.

9. White Breadwhite bread

The same thing with bread, as with pasta. White bread is made from white flour and these days it’s not just that: white bread has sugar added to make it sweet. Why in Sweet Mary’s name would anyone want their bread to be sweet, I don’t know and maybe I will never understand. Give up white bread, people!

8. Diet Sodadiet soda

Diet soda seems like the perfect choice when you’re trying to get healthy or lose weight, right? It doesn’t have sugar in it and it has very few (if any) calories. But what they do have is artificial sweeteners, which are, some say, even worse than sugar. They have been found to increase the risk of certain cancers and aspartame has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Ketchupketchup

Ketchup is not healthy at all. It is full of sugar, salt and other preservatives that make it taste the way it does. Try some homemade tomato sauce if you want that wonderful tomato taste on your fries or on your pizza, but do try to give ketchup the boot if you’re trying to get healthy. It may not seem like a bad food, but trust us, it is.

6. Margarinemargarine

This is another unhealthy food that everyone thinks is healthy just because it doesn’t have animal fat in it. But foods can be bad for you and very unhealthy without having loads of animal fat in them. Margarine is still oil and fat and that will damage your arteries almost just as much as butter will. Some say margarine is even worse than butter, because it’s not natural.

5. Red Meatred meat

Come on, you still need someone to tell you that red meat is really bad for you?! Yes, it has protein and vitamin B 12, but it also has unhealthy fats that will clog your precious arteries and give you cancer. If you can’t give up meat, we suggest you stick to chicken or fish. Never fried! Do your heart a favor and give up red meat.

4. Soy Saucesoy sauce

Soy sauce is bad because it has high amounts of salt in it. I mean, if you use it to make fried rice, you pretty much don’t have to use salt. That much salt! If you like the taste of soy and you simply cannot do without soy sauce, try getting the low sodium kind. There are many varieties on the market that are heart friendly.

3. Rice Cakesricecakes

Considered as one of the ultimate ‘diet-food’ in the late 1980s and 1990s, don’t let yourself get fooled by this dish. Rice cakes have a glycemic index of 91 and can make your blood sugar go sky-high. They are bad for weight loss and your overall health.

2. Peanutspeanuts

Peanuts are good… raw peanut are good for you. The roasted and salted type you find in the stores are not so good for you. They have huge amounts of salt and they are often coated in all types of fats or sugar. If you like the taste of roasted peanuts too much to give it up, we suggest you buy raw peanuts and roast them yourself in the oven.

1. Fruit Juicefruit juice

Almost all the fruit juice that you find on the market is loaded with sugar and the pulp has been removed, which means that there is no more fiber in there. Again, almost all the juice comes from concentrate, which means that the vitamins in the fruits that are supposed to be in your juice are no longer there.

Do you know other unhealthy foods that everyone thinks are healthy that you want to share with us? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we would love to hear your thoughts about this.