10 Unusual Pets to Keep Around the House

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Forget about cats and dogs and guinea pigs. These are pets that you might expect to find in any animal lover’s house. But let’s have a look at ten more unusual, eccentric pets that people keep, some of which will make your skin creep. Some of these animals were never meant to be household companions, but nonetheless, there are people who keep them as such.¬† So let’s see what stranger “family members” some people choose to raise.

1. Tarantulas

Tarantulas are a type of spider. There are 800 species known, some of which are suitable for being kept as pets. They require little space and maintenance, are quiet, and if you don’t have an irrational fear of spiders, this can make an interesting hobby. On top of that, their bite is not more dangerous than a bee or a wasp, so forget those horror stories about killer tarantulas (unless you’re allergic to the venom).


2. Snakes

Snake handling and caring can be a very dangerous hobby, but that doesn’t stop a growing number of people from keeping them as pets. From constrictors to the most venomous serpents, these creepy crawlies will definitely give your house guests a scare, and make you look eccentric, if a bit crazy.


3. Pigs

Bacon? Delicious! But some people prefer to keep small piglets as pets, so don’t be surprised if you see a person walking his pig on the street as he would a dog. Of course, the pigs that become pets belong to smaller species, that do not grow larger than your regular canine friend. So next time you have a tasty piece of bacon, think that you may be eating somebody’s friend.


4. Ferrets

These fluffy carnivorous fur-balls belong to the Mustelidae family, and are becoming an increasingly popular pet. They have been domesticated  for over 2500 years now, and have initially been used for hunting rabbits, but are now being kept as simple pets. They can be very affectionate, and are very fun to play with.


5. Cockroaches

So you thought keeping an ant farm was cool? Think again! Cockroaches, these underdogs of the animal kingdom, that will probably outlive you and your entire family in case of a nuclear apocalypse, are now becoming a trendy, if eccentric and slightly disgusting pet.


6. Chameleons

What’s there to say? They’re small, quiet, and have cool camouflage! Add to that the fact that they’re very low maintenance, and you get yourself an exotic pet that changes color more often than a disco ball. Just don’t let it loose around the house, or you might sit on it without even knowing.


7. Piranhas

These ruthless predators of the Amazon that may have haunted your nightmares after several horror films featured them actually look pretty harmless in a fish tank. Which is why a lot of people tend to keep them as pets. And besides, what better way to dispose of a body after committing the perfect murder? Just kidding, nobody’s actually ever used their pet piranhas in this way.


8. Chimpanzees

Although keeping a chimpanzee as a pet is illegal in some countries, these highly intelligent creatures¬† bring joy to the hearts of their owners. Children particularly love to be around them, although they may become quite violent at times. Our “cousins” on the evolution chain are truly one of the more eccentric pets to own.


9. Hedgehogs

Although they’re not the poster-boys for “fluffy” pets, and they WILL sting if you annoy them, hedgehogs are rather cute and fun to have around the house. Of course, they won’t run to you for cuddles and they don’t exactly seek out human company, but these spiky animals make eccentric, unusual pets, which earns them a place on our list.


10. Rats

There are all sorts of stereotypes about rats, most of which are false. Rats make excellent pets, are intelligent, can learn tricks, and can show affection towards their owner. But be prepared for some nasty looks when people first find out what your companion of choice is. Luckily, if they spend enough time around your rats, even the most avid rodent haters may grow fond of them.



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