Crystals have fascinated people since the dawn of time and they’ve been attributed many uses and powers. In a past article we talked about some of the most powerful stones and crystals and now it’s time we took a look at some of the most common uses for quartz crystals. Read on, take notes and enjoy!

10. Crystals Make Great Decorationscrystal decorations

Before we talk about the power quartz crystals possess, how about we mention that they actually look pretty awesome and they make amazing decorative pieces? A large geode will look amazing in any home, just look at the picture above. They can be quite expensive, we know, but if you can afford them, go for it!

9. Purifying Tarot Cardstarot cards

Tarot cards can be purified with quartz crystals. If you own tarot cards then you may have felt that sometimes the cards can feel fuzzy and dense; this means that they need to be purified, that the energy they have collected needs to be released. Hold a quartz crystal over the tarot deck for a couple of minutes or keep a crystal at all times in the place you store your tarot cards.

8. Maintain a Healthy Attitudehealthy attitude

I’m sure we’ve all felt how sometimes bad thoughts or sadness gets a hold of us and we can’t seem to escape it. Keeping a quartz crystal at all times on you will help you keep a healthy attitude. It is that they ward off bad energy that could lead you to feeling sad or lost. Make sure you don’t put any stress on your crystal and that it gets plenty of air.

7. Warding off Bad EnergyBad Energy

As mentioned earlier, crystals are great at warding off bad energy. If you feel like you’ve been having a string of bad luck, then maybe you’ve got a lot of negative energy following you around and you need to do something to ward it off. Make a pendant out of a quartz crystal and wear it around your neck for a while until you feel the bad energy has dissipated.

6. Crystal WaterCrystal Water

Back in the day people would soak a crystal in water overnight and drink the water in the morning. It was thought that the crystal water helps with infertility and a plethora of other health troubles. We know that this is all voodoo talk and that there are no medial facts to sustain this claim, but there is no harm in trying, is there?

5. Keeping Bad Dreams at BayBad Dreams

Another common use for quartz crystals is to keep bad dreams at bay. If you’re having bad dreams, keep a quartz crystal on your nightstand or under your pillow. It will help your mind stay clear during the night and you’ll get a better night’s sleep. Choosing the right crystal can be tricky and it is said that your first crystal should be given to you by someone. If you do decide to buy it, get one to which you feel a certain attraction and do not hassle for the price.

4. Balancing Energiesenergies

Keeping a quartz crystal at all times on you is absolutely great at balancing energies. The crystal will absorb the bad energy that comes your way or it can act as a sieve and let some of it in, but not all. If you choose to believe in crystal and energies or not, there is no harm in wearing a quartz crystal as a pendant or an earring.

3. Purifying Roomsroom

Have you ever felt how some rooms simply feel heavy? Have you felt how some rooms simply feel different from others? If you have, then you must know that it has something to do with the energies left there by people. Whenever the energies linger too much in a room, it can feel heavy and negative. Using crystals for purifying rooms is something that has been happening for centuries.

2. Good Luck Charmscharms

Quartz crystals make for great good luck charms. Make sure the crystal that you choose to wear is a crystal without a previous owner, so that it doesn’t retain of that person’s energy. If you want to purify a crystal, keep in in seawater overnight or leave in a glass of simple water in the rays of the sun.

1. Quartz Crystals for HealingQuartz Crystals

The healing power of crystals has been known since the dawn of time. Before Christ, people would believe that quartz crystals are made from water that used to flow in heaven. Crystals can be used for healing various ailments, but do not rely solely on them for healing. If you have a headache, try placing a quartz crystal on the area where you feel pain or on your temples. There is no damage in doing this with any area which hurts. For some people, it actually helps.

Would you like to add any other uses for quartz crystals? Do you believe in the healing power of crystals? Drop us a line in the comment section below and tell us about your experience with crystals.