Breakups are horrible, there’s no doubt about it. When you know you’ve lost the spark and that there’s no way you can salvage the relationship, they tend to be just a smidge less horrible, but when you think your lover rocks and you’re still madly in love with them, they can make you feel like your heart is being ripped out of your chest, cut in a thousand little pieces and then thrown back inside your chest without any thought or consideration. What can we say? We’ve been there, done that and got a T-shirt that said: Breakups suck! If you still love your ex and you want them back, we’ve got 10 ways to get your ex back. Keep in mind, we can’t guarantee that it’ll work, but these tips won’t do any harm, so good luck!

10. Don’t Push Them


Whatever you do, do not try to force them into anything. You need to allow things to flow naturally. You need to let them ease back into the relationship, if they want it. If you push them into it, you’re only pushing them away. Trust us, truer words have never been spoken.

9. Stay Friends

stay friends

A great way to get your ex back is to stay friends. We know that a lot of couples say that they’ll stay friends, but in reality, they don’t. It’s because it’s extremely hard to let go of old feelings and anger and just be real friends. If you two still consider each other friends, then it’s going to be easier for you to get them back.

8. Listen to Your Friends


Sometimes, good friends will provide you with very valuable advice, so it’s good to listen to them… once in a while. What do your friends have to say about you wanting to get back together with your ex? Do they think it’s a good idea? Are they encouraging you? Listen to what your friends have to say, they might prevent you from making a mistake you will later regret.

7. Relax and Plan Ahead


If you’re going to be all over the place when it comes to getting back together with them, then it’s not going to work out too well. Relax and make a plan, think ahead about what to do and how to act and only then you will have a chance at getting them back. Think about the whole situation as a goal and approach it as such.

6. Never Tell Them with Words that You Want Them Back

i want you back

Saying the words I want you back shouldn’t be done. You should let them know that you want them back through gestures and hints, but until you are pretty certain that they want you back as well, you shouldn’t say it. They might get scared and take some steps back… or even get out of the equation altogether.

5. Hang Out

hang out

If you want to get your ex back, then you need to start hanging out with them again. Ask them to dinner, no strings attached. Be genuinely interested in what they have to say. Have fun together, so that they start missing you. Only then can you go on and start making your moves to get them back.

4. What Changed?


What changed in your relationship that made you break up? What were the things that caused them to fall out of love with you? If they still love you, why did the breakup happen? You need to ask yourself all of these questions and more so that you know what went wrong and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

3. Make an Effort

make an effort

It’s not going to be easy, that’s why you need to make an effort. Invest some time and energy and expect for things to not go your way. It’s a struggle to get your ex back, that’s why you need to be prepared. Have a good support system and to be honest, prepare for the worst. It’s much worse to be disappointed.

2. Figure Out Why the Relationship Failed

failed relationship

It’s very important that before you do anything to try to get your ex back, you figure out, for you and their sake, why the relationship failed in the first place. Was it your fault or their fault? Was it nobody’s fault and things simply happened? If there are no hard feelings, then you might have a chance of getting them back.

1. Remind Them How Great You Were Together


This is probably the best way to get your ex back. Remind them of how great you used to be together and the fun times you used to have. Plant the seed in their mind that you can have that again and it is only up to them to get all that goodness back. You can do that directly, by simply talking to them and reminiscing, or send them a song or a video that will bring back memories.

Do you want to get your ex back? Are you going to follow any of our tips? Tell us how it goes in the comment section below.