Memory is a funny thing and although it can be selective at times, most people of all ages have those rare moments when thoughts just elude them. Yes, as we age our memory seems to need a little help but everyone can benefit from a little extra help along the way. From students in school to elderly patients suffering the onset of early dementia, these 10 ways to improve memory can be a great help.

1) Mentally Challenging Games

One of the ways in which you can naturally improve memory is by exercising the brain with games that are mentally challenging. Just as you would build muscle through physical exercises, games like chess and bridge build stronger brain cells through mental exercises.

2) Heart Healthy Foods Are Mind Healthy Foods

It has been found that the very same amino acid that is linked to dementia is also linked to heart disease. Therefore, when you eat a heart-healthy diet you can improve memory at the same time as keeping the old ticker running smoother.

3) Omega-3 Fatty Acids

In recent years, more and more information is surfacing in regards to the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids but often they are thought of as a cholesterol fighting aid. Actually, they help to prevent damage to brain cells as well, so get on with the cod liver oil.

4) Gingko

Gingko has a staunch following worldwide and is one herb that is purported to give you an added boost of energy whilst improving mental capacity. It is said to work similarly to Modafinil but just not as powerfully. You can buy Modafinil for those times when you need a little added burst of mental prowess.

5) Stimulating Images

Researchers say that by looking at images that stimulate the imagination you are, in effect, exercising the brain. It takes imagination to make connections through imagery so with constant stimulation, the whole thought process is improved.

6) Puzzles

Challenging puzzles such as the Sudoku numbers puzzles are really quite stimulating and do help improve memory. Here again, it is a mentally challenging exercise that is known to strengthen how the brain works.

7) Antioxidants

Cleansing the blood of free radicals makes a definite improvement in brain power and antioxidants are known to gather those nasty little creatures up and flush them right out of your body.

8) Increase Heart Rate with Exercise

Increased heart rate through cardiovascular exercise also strengthens the brain by carrying increased levels of oxygen to those cells that need air to breath. Want to breathe new life into your brain? Focus on increasing your cardiovascular activity.

9) Continually Study New Things

When your mind goes stagnant it is almost certainly because of a lack of stimulation. Nothing gets the grey matter moving about quite like learning something new. Believe it or not, the more you learn, the greater capacity you have to learn. An odd thought, isn’t it? By putting more in your cup your cup is then able to hold more.

10) Socialization

Finally, being social creatures we thrive on socialization. This not only puts us in a ‘better frame of mind’ but actually improves the way the mind works. Perhaps it has to do with warding off depression that is known to cause a ‘mental shutdown’ but the fact of the matter is that being social helps keep the mind alert.

So, whether you are looking for ways to improve memory in conjunction with a medical treatment or are trying to ward off the signs of aging, these 10 natural ways should get you off to a good start.