Weddings these days don’t come cheap. In fact, your wedding could easily cost you more than a year’s salary (depending upon how much you make, of course), if you aren’t smart about budgeting.

Want to make sure you don’t overspend on your wedding? Check out the 10 tips below.

1. Cut the Guest List

You may be tempted to invite everyone you have ever known to your big event, but cutting back your guest list even just by a bit can help you save a lot. So stick with inviting those people that are truly important to you.

2. Book During the Off Season

The wedding off-season, which runs from the latter part of the fall through the winter and into the earliest part of spring, may save you thousands, so book your date with that in mind.

3. Buy a More Affordable Gown

You don’t have to purchase a designer wedding dress to look gorgeous on your big day. So go ahead and check outlet stores and department stores rather than high-end bridal salons. You may even find a previously worn gown that you’ll love and that will be super affordable.

4. Choose Flowers Wisely

Although flowers are a must, you can make them more affordable. Talk to your floral designer about swapping expensive varieties for less expensive ones, use fake flowers instead of real, buy in season, and limit the number of types of flowers you use.

5. Get Photo, Video, and DJ Services as a Package

Many wedding professionals offer affordable packages if you book the same company for all of your photo, video, and entertainment needs, rather than multiple pros from different companies.

6. Get Discount Help from Pros

Check out sites like UK Wedding Savings for help in locating great deals in the wedding industry, as well as extra help in planning your wedding on a budget.

7. Go for a Smaller Cake

Even though you may be tempted to splurge on a huge wedding cake with multiple tiers, a simpler yet just as elegant two-tier cake may suffice for the number of guests that you have. Besides, why let all of that cake go to waste?

8. Don’t Allow a Full Bar at the Reception

Rather than a full bar at your reception, stick with serving only wine, beer, and perhaps even your own signature cocktail.

9. Book on the Right Day

Saturday weddings are the most expensive, so book your big day on a Sunday night, Friday night, or even a Thursday night to save a lot of money. Daytime weddings are also more affordable.

10. Use Single-Page Invitations

Bulky wedding invitations with multiple pages will weigh more and cost more to mail to your guests, so stick with single page invitations that are just as lovely but will be more affordable to purchase and send.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can save money on your wedding day. Shop smart and know that your day will be special even with a budget in mind.