bouquet of flower

We all make mistakes, because that’s what people do, but when our mistakes end up hurting the people we love, then we have to take action and right the wrongs. The first step is to admit to yourself and the person you’ve wronged that you made a mistake and you need to express your desire to be forgiven, then the next step is to apologize and hope they forgive you. People do all types of things when they fight or are upset, so if you need some help with saying you’re sorry, we’ve got ten ways to say you’re sorry that will definitely help your situation.

10. Whatever You Do, Do NOT Find Excuses for Yourself


If you’ve done something that has upset someone, then you should bow your head and take it like a decent human being. Whatever you do, do NOT find excuses for yourself! You make a mistake, you’ve hurt someone and they don’t need to know the reasoning behind that, they just need to know you’re sorry and that you won’t do it again. If you do feel the need to explain yourself, then do it after the storm has passed. Find an appropriate moment to explain yourself, calmly and respectfully.

9. You Can’t Go Wrong with Flowers

bouquet of flower

You really can’t go wrong with flowers… if what you’re apologizing for is nothing too bad. A nice bouquet of flowers or a potted plant is the perfect way to say you’re sorry and it has been for years! If you don’t know what to do, pop into your local flower shop and ask the person there for advice.

8. Food is Always an Awesome Way to Say You’re Sorry


Who doesn’t love food?! If you’ve done something and you need to say you’re sorry for it, then one way to do it is to cook or buy their favorite dish and surprise them with it. Cooking it yourself, if you can have the skills, will be much more appreciated. If not, just get them their favorite hummus and serve it with a bit smile on your face that says I’m so sorry.

7. Write a Poem

writing a poem

If you know you’ve got it in you, then go ahead and write them a poem and tell them how sorry you are. It doesn’t have to be good or long, it just has to come from your heart. If you’re good at it, then you’ve got extra special bonus points! Just make sure you spell check it.

6. Send a Heartfelt Letter


Nothing’s better than putting all your thoughts and feelings on paper. It will help you put things in perspective. Besides, nobody writes letters anymore, so it will really give you an upper hand. Try to be honest and direct. Don’t overdo it with sentimentalities. You’re trying to say you’re sorry, not propose.

5. Make a List with All the Things You Love About Them

top ten list

Out of all the ways to say you’re sorry this is one of the cutest way to do it. It’s dead simple, also. Make a list with all the things you love about the person you’re trying to say you’re sorry to. Just some things you appreciate about them. They’ll see how much you care and forgive you!

4. A Getaway

romantic hotel room

If your lover or friend is really upset with you for something you’ve done or said, then you can right the wrongs and plan a getaway for just the two of you. If you’re trying to apologize to your lover, a nice romantic getaway is the perfect way to do it. If you want to say sorry to your friend, plan a nice outdoors adventure. All that quality time together is great to talk and set things straight.

3. Send in Your Pet to Do the Job for You


Come on, who can keep a straight face when they see a cute cat or dog doing something even cuter. If you can, send in your pet to do the apologizing for you. Strap a sign to them and let them loose! If the person you’re apologizing to doesn’t laugh and forgive you, then they’re really mad at you, because nobody can resist a cute pet!

2. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts


If you want someone to forgive you for something you’ve done or said, then a great way to do it is through a gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to be something thoughtful, something you know they’ve wanted or something you know they’ll enjoy. They have to look at your gift and know you care and that you’re truly sorry.

1. Make a Cute Video

cute video

All it takes to make a cute video that will say I’m sorry is some time. That’s about it! Gather some awesome picture of you and the person you’re trying to apologize to, or clips of their favorite animals, pets, music, bands, food and make a collage. Try to be funny and sincere and they’ll appreciate it and maybe even forgive you.

What did you think of these ways to say you’re sorry? Did you find any of them useful? Are you going to use any? If you’ve got more ways to say you’re sorry that you’d like to share with us, do so in the comment section below.