Body shaming is awful because it does plenty of damage to a person’s self-confidence. You know how we all have some very strong memories of people saying inappropriate things about our bodies to us, such as you look like a stuffed turkey in that or oh, you’ve been working out, but you can’t tell. It just stays with you and damages you on a level. Body shaming is not motivation! Pieces of awful unsolicited advice are horrible! In today’s article we’re going to take a look at 10 ways we’re body shaming women, so that next time you want to share your thoughts with someone about their body, you think twice before opening your mouth.

10. Judging Clothesclothes

You’re not in grade school anymore, so you shouldn’t judge other people’s clothes. It doesn’t matter if you think they don’t look good in that outfit, it’s not your place to judge. You don’t have to have a perfect behind to pull off yoga pants, you know? They’re just pants, not a privilege!

9. Assuming about Exercise Habitsexercise

Assuming is to make an ass out of you and me, goes the saying. And it couldn’t be more right when applied to a very subtle form of body shaming, which is assuming about exercise habits based on women’s sizes. Do not tell an overweight person that they should try jogging. Who knows, maybe they’re great runners? Not everyone who works out is stick-thin and not every thin person works out.

8. Dancing Around the Word Fat fat

Fat is a word that should be avoided, but when the moment calls for it, use it! Don’t say things such as big boned or healthy looking instead of it. Fat is just a word and it’s not that horrible that it can’t be said.

7. Handing Out Pretend Complimentsbrave

Pretend compliments are those things that people tell you that sound good, but actually they’re body shaming you. Want the perfect example? Let’s say you have fat arms (which is OK, it’s not going to kill you) and you’re wearing a sleeveless top. If someone’s telling you you’re really brave for wearing that that is not a compliment, but an insult. Tell them to look up the word brave in the dictionary. Beside, looking fat should not be an insult!

6. Giving Diet Tipsdiet tips

You don’t know how much a person eats, so don’t assume you do. You’re not a dietician and your advice was probably unsolicited, so don’t tell someone to put some meat on their bones, or lose the pouch. It’s rude and it’s hurtful and you’re body shaming them! Pretending to care (or actually caring) about them is not an excuse to interfere.

5. Inventing Body Partscankles

One of the worst things to do when it comes to body shaming women, aside from being verbally abusive, is to invent body parts and give them a negative connotation. There is no such thing as a cankle or a muffin top. Women aren’t pear shaped or hourglass shaped. We’re not food and we’re not objects.

4. She Would Be So… If…beautiful

If you’ve ever uttered the line oh, she would be so pretty if she lost some weight, then you have body shamed that person. What people need to understand is that beauty is not conditional. You either consider someone beautiful or not. Fat shouldn’t make a difference and if it does, then you’re not a nice person.

3. Using the Words Real Women real women

I swear, if I hear the words real women one more time I will go mad! There is no such a thing as a real woman. We’re all real! Having curves or not having curves won’t make us any less of a woman. Women come in all shapes and sizes and we should teach this in schools, as early as possible.

2. Congratulating Women for Losing Weightcongratulation

If a person doesn’t mention their weight loss, then you shouldn’t either. You can’t know if they planned for the weight loss. Maybe they’re sick! You can tell them they look beautiful, but don’t make it about the weight. Never make it about the weight, don’t be that person.

1. Thinking Women are Baby-Making Machinesbaby making

Women aren’t baby-making machines. Saying someone has baby-making hips is an insult. Just because women can procreate, doesn’t mean that they should and it doesn’t mean that they should be judged on the basis of that choice. Happiness is possible without children, as well as with children. It’s all about personal choice.

Do you know of any other ways we’re body shaming women? How about you drop us a line in the comment section below and share them with us. We would love to hear your thoughts on this matter!