There is nothing easier these days than getting a divorce and you don’t need much of a reason either.  From too much cleaning to having being nicknamed and from too much baking to listening to a bird’s talk, these people did not put much value on their marriage. Let’s take a look at the weirdest reasons that people found in order to leave their partners, sometimes, after dozens of years of living together.

1.  Too much cleaning


Two years ago, in 1009, a woman asked for a divorced because she could not stand seeing her husband cleaning the house anymore. Apparently, he was obsessed with cleaning and he would do all the chores within the household .Which- I think all ladies will agree- is perfectly fine. Except that this guy actually destroyed a wall and then rebuilt it because it was too dirty. Then, the woman decided she wants a divorce.

2.  Nicknamed “Guantanamo”

2. guantanamo


A woman in Saudi Arabia called her husband on his cell phone, but the guy had left his phone at home. When it started ringing, the name that appeared on the screen was “Guantanamo”. What a shock! The poor arab woman said she could not continue to live next to a man who nicknamed her after a prison, so she filed for a divorce, after 17 years of marriage.

3.  Caught cheating with the help of a mynah bird

3. talking mynah


The place is China. The protagonist is a Chinese mynah bird, reputed for their ability to reproduce sounds. After returning home from a trip, a Chinese woman noticed that her mynah bird was repeating such words as “be patient” “divorce” and “I love you”, which, apparently it had caught from the husband’s phone conversations with the mistress. Now, the cheating part   is not a weird divorce reason but the fact that the woman divorced based on the bird’s talk is strange enough.

4. Too much cake

eating cream cake


Yet in China, another bizarre divorce story is that of a man whose wife would not stop feeding him cakes she had made herself after every single meal. The man said he had become disgusted only at hearing the word cake, so I guess she was really an obsessed woman. However, I wonder why he did not simply refuse eating them, instead of getting a divorce. I can’t believe she forced fed him!

5. She wanted divorce after her husband tried to see her face

woman with a veil


This must the weirdest divorce reasons ever: a woman in Saudi Arabia was shocked when her husband tried to lift the veil on her face one night in order to see her face(such a lack of respect). Conseuently, she left home and wanted to divorce, but her husband managed to bring her back promising that he would never do that again. Apparently, the woman is part of a small minority which is keeping some very old traditions in which the woman covers her face in front of her husband and children as well. When asked how could she conceive a baby in this conditions, her answer, “ marriage is about love, not about faces” puzzled the interviewer even more.

6.  The 81-year-old cheater

Old Couple on a Bench


At 83 years old, most women do not expect that they might be cheated anymore. However, this unlucky old lady found out that her 81- year-old husband was cheating on her, after he forgot to pull the curtains in his office while making love to his 30 years younger mistress. One question remains: shouldn’t this man be a retired citizen at the venerable age of 81?

7.  A man divorced his wife for being too shy

shy woman


To be a shy bride is charming but to be a shy bride one year after the marriage is not natural! The woman in this story refused to consume her marriage even one year after having married and the husband could not take this any longer, so he filed for a divorce.

8. She did not tell him her real age



When this husband found out that his wife had lied to him about her age, he could not remain next to  her anymore. The Chinese woman told   husband that she was 24 years old, when she was actually was 30. It is amazing that the man believed her.

9. Honeymoon with the mother in law



After getting married, a young Italian woman found her new mother in law waiting at the airport, ready to go in the honeymoon with the newly weds. After spending the entire 3 weeks of what was supposed to be the most romantic trip of her life with the mother il law, the woman returned home and divorced her husband because of his exaggerated attachment towards his mother.

10.  Lost her wife in a game of cards

playing cards


Andrei Karpov from Russia chose to bet on his wife, after running out of money. After losing the game, he had to give his wife to the other player. At hearing what her husband had done, the wife, Tatiana, divorced Karpov and, probably as a vengeance, started a relationship with the man who “won” her.

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